Let’s ask ourselves what is skin? 

It is the largest organ in the body and it varies in thickness at different parts of the body (< 0.5mm at the eyelids to > 5mm on middle of the upper back) 

What is skin care? 

Skin care is multiple activities carried on to ensure healthy looking skin devoid of any diseases and deformities. 

Skin care for me has been more than this, it has actually been a way of therapy for me. it is a ritual that I do for myself every day as an expression of self love as part of a set routine. While doing so, I have tried several products as you can imagine and after that I learned the few ingredients that work seamlessly with my skin. And squalane makes it to my top five list of ingredients which do magic on my skin.

Squalane Is one of my favorite ingredients in skin care and in the past couple of years, especially now it has gained a lot of popularity. Many products have come out with squalane as one of the ingredients or they’ve also come out with pure squalane oils to buy off the counter. You don’t need a prescription to use squalane in your skincare. Squalane oil has multiple benefits and as a skincare ingredient/part you need to know about.  

I for one love using oils, no doubt about it. But that additional step sometimes gets a bit too much to apply oil on the skin as the last step of my skincare. The oil may as well be a dry oil, even then I feel it’s an additional step that I really would like to skip you know majority of the times. This moisturizer not only has squalane (phytosqualan) as one off its main ingredients but also has Shea butter, which together turn out to be the most gentle on skin, hydrating and that “glow” giving product without causing a hole in your pocket.  Shea butter is known to rapidly repair and hydrate the skin. The combination of Squalane + Shea butter = hydration + moisture retention = smooth + soft skin.

It’s called Fisioativ Cream by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Made in India) 100gms for Rs.750/- only. (You can always manage to get it on discount online from a trusted seller.) 

It claims to be, “fragrance and paraben free, non-irritant, non-comodogenic And dermatologically tested.” The manufacturing company states that it is a daily use moisturizer for effective skin repair, enriched with phytosqualan (squalane), a lipid structure similar to body’s natural skin lipid.  

I kid you not, I have used this product for 18 months and I loved it so much that I squeezed the tube till the end of the nozzle. I was going to cut the tube and remove the remaining product for myself (can’t help it!), but I said I will save the tube to show you guys and now it’s missing. Oops! Sorry. I had to make sure I at least write about it, before repurchasing it.

After a successful trial and error of 1 1/2 year I thought it would only be fair to share it with my readers, who can actually benefit from my experience rather than spending tons of money on products which may or may not be suitable for your skin.  

Before I share my experience with you, let’s just understand my skin type – 

That’s about my skin in a nutshell. 

As you can see I have pretty normal concerns for a woman of my age (touchwood), but the most frustrating part of it is that finding a good moisturizer, like a failsafe option which would work in all seasons and even when I’m traveling is a catch. A good moisturizer would basically be something that would not irritate my skin or cause any further damage. Instead, it should moisturize and provide with those layers of goodness that would help me maintain my skin at its best and healthiest. 

But if you go to see, what exactly is a moisturizer? 

Moisturizers are emulsions (mixtures of oil and water) that had to slow down trans epidermal water loss (water loss in the skin), lubricate, soften, and provide a better barrier for the skin. 

Now in order to do that Fisioative cream/moisturizer would naturally have to tick all the boxes for me. But before we know what it does, it’s crucial to understand the benefits of our star ingredient, “squalane” and how incorporating it in a routine can really change your skin care game for good.  

So, what is Squalane? 

  • Squalane has excellent skin tolerance and is quite similar do human sebum (skin oil). it’s either collected from special shark species (in shark livers) or from modified olive oil (which is the most common source of getting squalane nowadays – it is a natural and animal cruelty free). 
  • In cosmetics, Squalane is one of the most effective antioxidants. Polyfunctional, with very good spreading properties and penetration into the skin. it prevents the skin from drying and also restores the suppleness and flexibility of the skin. 
  • Squalane oil is a natural part of olive oil that is extracted. it has very strong regenerating property when used on the skin. it protects and stimulates the surface of the skin. Most importantly, squalane aids in the healing of scars too as one of its core effects. Squalane gets absorbed and shows it effects all the way from the epidermis level of a skin to the dermis – the actual layer of our skin underneath the surface which holds the deep pigmentation and effects to a skin cells.  

  Science-backed Tip: You know sebum – “the natural oil/ skin lipid that our body secretes” so to speak, actually has 12% of Squalane (in addition to 41% Triglycerides, 21% Wax esters, Amino cids, Lactic Acid, Cholesterol and Uric Acid). How amazing is that!  

Now try combining all these benefits of one ingredient in addition to many other beneficial skincare ingredients in a product, that’s when I can think about the Fisioative cream. 

18 months is a long time to use and understand the benefits of any skin care product. My skin changes with the weather. Even though it is combination and sometimes it’s dry, there is acne and whatnot. The Fisioative cream has been he trusty friend throughout all seasons for me in that regard.

In my experience off the Fisioative cream, my skin has just rejoiced and felt good after using it. My scars had faded and like I said earlier that “glow from within glow” is what I got after using this moisturizer. No complaints, no break outs, no fragrance, nothing yucky or harmful – in short, all good. It helps easily maintain the skin without having to do multiple steps like the Korean 11 step skin care routine. I mean I definitely don’t have the patience for that and if you do, by all means go ahead. This too would be a great addition even to the 11 step Korean skin care routine.  

  Pro Tip: I used to use this dream in my morning and evening routine, ending up on how my skin felt and what it needed. I also used to use this to mix with my foundation and apply it as a BB cream all over my face, for that natural no-makeup makeup.  

My skin definitely didn’t feel like there was some thick layer on, just sitting on my face. The cream would be completely absorbed into my skin, without having the need to touch up on frequent intervals. I could easily go with applying the moisturizer in the morning and straight away then to my evening routine. 

  Pro Tip: In fact, this is my go to product to use in combination with Retinol. Perfect for the sandwich method aka. MOISTURIZER – RETINOL – MOISTURIZER. Fisioative does not compromise the efficacy of Retinol or any other product that it is used with.  

The entire beauty industry globally raves about Embryolisse Lait-creme Concentre (one of the best French pharmacy secrets) to be used as a moisturizer and as your base under makeup. No need for a primer. Suits all skin types and its there in every makeup artists kit. Mild and fragrance free filled with supremely nourishing ingredients. I’ve used it and enjoyed it in monsoon and winters. But, it does cost you a few coins. Thick in texture but, skin absorbs it like water and makes it glow.

Embryolisse Lait-creme Concentre

Then when I got back to India, Emolene Cream by Fulford India Ltd became an affordable dupe of Embryolisse Lait-creme Concentre. The formulation of Emolene Cream is also made from France, but manufactured and marketed in India. It’s an emollient which suits all skin types and dermats recommend it to majority of the people from dry skin to acne prone skin too. Works nice as makeup base. Slightly runny in texture, but mild. Beautifully moisturizes. Does almost the same job as Embryolisse Lait-creme Concentre , but at 40-50% strength.

Emolene Cream

Now Fisioative Cream, I would say it is an exact dupe of Embryolisse Lait-creme Concentre. Actually, a bit more moisturizing even and suitable for our Indian climate. Mild, smooth and rich. Can be used in multiple ways, make up base for one. It is thick in texture but not heavy. it’s that luxurious feeling cream. I would say it suits all skin types because given between me and my friend who recommended this cream to me and others, we all easily belong to different skin types be it dry, oily and combination.

This has been in the market for so long and yet, next to a handful of people have spoken about it. I have a feeling, the Fisioative Cream will pick up just the way Embryolisse Lait-creme Concentre did in the west. It’s only a matter of time until people discover it. 

It is 100 grams of product that will easily last you for months together. I’m really happy with this gem of a find. After all this researched scientific jargon I gave you, I hope I have persuaded you to introduce a new ingredient – suqalane in your beauty regimen.

Fisioative cream is indeed magic in a tube. Consider it as a slow serum kind of product, which basically means that it shows you long lasting results overtime. A fabulous addition for anti-aging as well. 

I hope you enjoyed this informative article. Take care. Cheers! 

NOTE: Please use any product only after doing your due diligence. You could also consult with your dermatologist and ask them if this cream would be suitable to you and maybe you would like to try it if it causes no harm. 

*Views and suggestions are mentioned are based on personal experiences*

*Images used for representation purposes, contact for credit*