We spoke about hair masks in the earlier post and now lets dive into some amazing hair oil treatments, which if made part of your selfcare routine, will make your hair nice and healthy with all the lymphatic drainage you need for a healthy scalp + hair growth. Basically, Adios! to majority of hair care problems without the use of any fancy or chemical or synthetically composed and yet hidden from your eyes with all the smart packaging. So, here we go –

Hair Oil

Many of us either hate oiling our hair or find it absolutely useless. In fact, I myself have had an experience with a dermatologist who said that oiling does not help in hair growth. And I was so surprised at that comment that I still remember it so many years later. Because of this incomplete false notion, I stopped oiling for a while and later I realised that’s not the truth.

Now, lets reason it out for you, shall we? to put it simply,

You get the formula right… Of course our genes and stress various other factors too play a major part. But if you oil your engine well, it is bound to work well. Same way, oiling your hair not only improves and promotes healthy hair texture but also growth. It gives you the inherent shine and strength which is a symbol of healthy happy hair. Therefore, regular oiling and scalp massage regulates blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

You need not have oil in your hair for days together. Nope. That’s not what I am saying. An hour before your head shower or over night if you are really comfortable with it, preferably every week or at least thrice a month, whenever convenient.

I’ve also shared some fantastic DIY homemade hair masks which are fabulous for your hair in supplementation of regular hair oiling. You can check it out here – Say Hi! To Nani’s Hair Care Tips And Bye! To Your Expensive Dermatologist

These are my go-to hair oil recipe for years together,

Recipe No. 1 –

Warm some coconut oil in a small pan. Once it is warm, add 10 to 12 curry leaves and let them crackle. Heat them until you see the curry leaves blackening at the edges. Turn off the heat. Wait until the oil cools a little bit. Gently massage it on your scalp with your fingers and run it through the hair as well. Leave it overnight, and wash it off in the morning with a mild shampoo.

What this oil does is – the curry leaves strengthen the hair thereby aiding in natural hair growth. Some say it also prevents premature greying of hair. Nevertheless, it has shown amazing results for my hair.

Recipe No. 2 –
(My Nani’s signature Ayurvedic hair oil recipe!)

1) Heat the oil in pan
2) Add bhringraj, pathar choor, curry leaves, hibiscus flowers, tulsi, henna leaves and dried neem leaves. Let them infuse the oil.
3) Stop heating the oil until appears brown and let it cool.
4) Strain the oil and store for future use.
5) While using the oil, take a small amount of the oil and mix it with olive oil in 1:1 proportion and heat it to a luke warm temperature.
6) Following which use clean, dry hands and massage the oil, till fully absorbed.
Leave it overnight and wash the next day.

What this does is – it makes you hair strong and lush! To see results, you must follow the weekly regimen.

Now lets get on to some mind-blowing ingredients and recipes straight from your kitchen which will make everyday your #goodhairday –

Take small amount of butter and massage it into your dry hair and then cover with shower cap for 30 mins. Shampoo as usual and rinse all the butter out. You can also use Shea Butter the same way.

This natural remedy helps keep split ends at bay!

Coconut oil + camphor mixture is the best oil for weekly hair care to give our scalp oxygen and to promote hair growth.

Go-to quick and easy hair remedy is massage organic cold pressed coconut oil, in which add few drops of rosemary oil essence, lemon oil essence and one vitamin e capsule squeezed into the oil. Quick and lustrous hair recipe.

Say Bye bye to Dandruff with – lemon juice mixed with any hair oil.

Egg white does wonders for hair texture.

Raw milk makes hair straight and silky. Bye bye to fizzy hair.

Onion juice left on hair for 20 to 20 mins rubbed on scalp and washed off with normal water. It helps fight against scalp infection and promotes hair growth and controls loss of hair.

These are the game changing benefits of regular oiling. Try it out for yourself and see the wonders. It’s shocking at first to believe these recipes will work, but try it to believe it. I already practice them whenever I can 🙂 Let me know what you think!