Hello everyone! Hope you are well. If this entire COVID’19 pandemic situation has taught me anything, it is to resort to our basic essentials and go back to our Desi Ayurvedic Gharelu Nuskhe for any problem. Our Indian kitchens and our very own grandmothers have a host of tips and tricks up their sleeve for all sort of self care one would need. One such topic that I am touching on today is – HAIR CARE.

I’m starting to write this blog post past midnight after a long chat with Nani (my lovely grandmother), discussing remedies for hair care given all the stress surrounding us all the time. Hair fall, brittle coarse hair, dry hair, dandruff, balding and what not. We face so many of these issues on day to day basis and use so many chemical based products in the hope of curing them. However, the actual secret is sitting right in your kitchen and if not, right here on this blog post. I got you!

Lately I myself have been having a lot of hair fall and my hair isn’t feeling in its prime. This is when before heading to my Dermatologist/Trichologist, who in all possibility will say that hair oil doesn’t make a difference. It’s all in your genes and eating habits. And recommend me some shampoos, vitamins to have and just ask me to stay away from styling my hair or using any form of heart/wear and tare. Not to mention keeping tension and stress at bay! (Wouldn’t we all like that! 😛 )… I wanted to go back to my roots and resort to my Nani ke nuskhe, which always work wonders and have a long lasting effect. There are myriads of hair remedies I’ve tried and tested and I cant stress enough the game-changing benefits of disciplined regular approach towards these treatments.

Think of this as my diary and me noting down family secrets to healthy hair (for you!).

Hair Mask

Hair masks are rather easy to concoct in your kitchen. You need some basic ingredients, which you most likely will already be having in your kitchen and if not, they are easily available at your local market / any Ayurveda store.

All Purpose Hair Mask –
Mix neem paste, aloe vera gel and yoghurt in equal quantities and apply it all over your scalp and hair. Keep the mask on for 30 mins and then wash it off.

Neem is used for treating dandruff, dryness and itching in addition to strengthening the hair and scalp.
Aloe vera is an effective home remedy for hair loss and to boost hair growth.
Lactic Acid in Yogurt is enriched with antibacterial property that deep conditions hair.

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask –
Yogurt + 1 mashed ripe banana + 1 tbsp of olive/virgin coconut oil. Mix it all really well, no lumps to a nice thick paste consistency. Apply generously on dry hair and wrap your hair in shower cap. Keep it for an hour and rinse out with a shampoo and conditioner if needed.

This is an amazing hair mask for much needed deep conditioning. You also smell like a banana smoothie later on which is never a bad thing 🙂

Strengthening Hair Mask –
Yogurt + Besan (chickpea flour) + little virgin coconut oil mixed and massaged on hair for healthy and strong hair. The texture of the hair mask has to be thick and non-runny. I eyeball the portions, you can do that too. Just at the end it should feel like a luscious thick paste.

Besan (chicpea flour) does a good job at exfoliating the scalp in addition to nutritional benefit of yogurt and coconut oil. We rarely get to exfoliate our scalp and this mask does wonders for stimulating the scalp.

Super Conditioning Hair Mask –
1 Banana + honey + aloe vera mixture in equal measures, mixed into a lump free smooth paste.

All the three ingredients in themselves are super hydrating and conditioning. It is almost like giving your hair that nutri boost it so needs!

Anti-hair fall Hair Mask-
1 Egg white in a bowl and add a tblsp of olive oil and honey. Beat the mixture into a paste and apply it all over from roots to tips. After 20 mins, rinse with a mild shampoo. This mask is a saviour and instantly reduces hair fall.

Extremely nutritious and very very effective all the way from the roots to inside your scalp. Regenerating mask for certain!

 All these masks are super healthy, chemical free, paraben free, sulphate free, soap free, silicone free and more. Also, each of these masks are super fantastic for maintaining the pH balance of your scalp. Not to mention there are a few scalp scrubs in the masks too, be gentle and revive your hair. 

These hair masks can be done once to twice a week, depending upon your feasibility. Have fun while you do it and also remember, these hair masks work much better than the ones you simply buy off the counter at a high end shop.

Organic. Simple. Easy-to-do Recipes. D.I.Y like the good old times and enjoy the benefits on regular applications.

 TIP: Let your hair breath after the hair mask, do not immediately use any heat or even a blow dryer to dry your hair. Let it dry naturally. 

Try out these hair masks and share your fabulous stories with me!