My series on Unconventional Thailand by and large cover majority of our amazing 15 days girls trip with my super-mom! Yup. Superman = Superwoman = Supermom!

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Our trip was a 15 day trip and Thailand is a big country and there plenty of beautiful places to visit. I’ve created a wish list for my next trip to Thailand as and when it happens because we weren’t able to cover all these beautiful towns that I had researched about. I would really like to visit them next time.

What better way to see, eat and do the town through the eyes of its locals? And that’s where these cities/towns come into place in my next holiday destinations of Thailand –


Phraya Nakhon Cave, a day trip from Hua Hin I’d really love to do!

Very close to Bangkok, a day trip to Hua Hin I believe. It is the holiday destination of Thai royals, but its anything but uptight. Fill your mornings with temple visits, unwinding on serene beaches, Pa La-U Waterfalls and the numerous night markets. The Saphan Pla promenade, the architecture of Hua Hin Railway Station is utterly gorgeous, built in the reign of King Rama VI and so much more. Also, Hua Hin apparently has less crowd than any other beach city around Bangkok, so it’s definitely on my wish list.


Tarnim Magic Garden, one of the places I want to go to when in Koh Samui!

This technically should be on the top of my list, but for convenience sake I’m listing it down here in terms of travel time. Koh Samui has many private island paradise! A short boat ride or walk during low tide to the neighboring beaches is a great way to spend the day. Crowds are few while the water is clear and calm. Ideal for paddle boarding (which I love!), scuba diving and leisurely swims. Just relax the whole day and then venture in the town, dinner by the beach. Ah!

I definitely want to go to Coco Tam’s trampolines and swing seats! It is apparently Instagrammer’s delight and there is much more to enjoy than just photography. Sipping on some amazing island-themed cocktails, playing a bout of beer pong , and getting the best view of island’s famous fire dancers from the beachfront bean bag. I mean… common! I am already sold, as you can see.


Talk about stretch of white sand beach shade by swaying palm tress and a postcard comes to mind. This is that place. Spending days sunbathing, cycling, snorkeling and island hopping or simply stay ashore to catch breath taking sunsets. Shopping is always a bonus and I’ve always wanted to learn surfing. The ideal months for surfing at Khao Lak are from June to September, next time I am going to plan accordingly. The lush resorts out there are the perfect retreat from life. Gosh. Also, I read something about Samed Nang Chee viewpoint which affords a panorama of Phang Nga Bay’s Avatar-like limestone landscape. People have slept overnight there in self pitched tents to catch, and snap, the tie-dyed sunrise.


Trat is a resort town with over fifty large and small off shore islands , long white sandy beaches and unspoiled coral ranges!!!It is also a major fruit growing area, which I love. It is famous for crystal water and blue sky and wild nature in tranquil atmosphere. Just want to visit here to pamper myself in spa, detoxification for my body and just have a complete spa getaway.

All these places are right up my ally for a relaxing vacation. This time around we had a very jam-packed and activity filled vacation with Mom. Next time around, it’s all going to be about cocktails, spa, sun bathing and some amazing scuba diving to the corals. Ah! Can’t wait to save and plan.

Yes, to all those surprised, I am not interested in visiting Phuket. But a day trip to Pattaya for the Coral Island Trip, I would surely consider.

That’s about it for my wish-list for places I’d like to travel to on my next visit. Now let’s bring you directly on to –

Special Tips

These Special Tips made our trip much easier and comfortable during our holidays in Thailand. Take a pen and paper and note it all down –

  1. Use Grab App for travelling within Thailand. It was safe, marginally expensive but on time and comfortable. Way better than cabs and tuk-tuks any day.
  2. 12go Asia is the easiest way to book your trains and bus travels. Flights I didn’t book from them cause they were relatively more expensive then elsewhere on the internet.
  3. Sim card there are plenty with data, but I went for a Tourist SIM like this (which was more than enough for me always) –

4. Mosquito repellant spray carry at all times no matter what and where.
5. Carry cloth bags or buy them as everyone in Thailand distributes plastic bags like its Christmas all year round with every product. No matter how tiny. Do not promote use of plastic.
6. Thailand is a CASH BASED economy for tourists. Let me say this again, Thailand is not a cashless economy for tourists by and large. YOU NEED TO CARRY CASH AT ALL TIMES.
7. Do not travel without medical insurance which covers injuries cause by adventure sports activities too.
8. Look at this sign or show this sign for vegetarian / vegan food in Thailand

9. Majority of the people do not speak or understand English if you go to northern side of Thailand. In any case communication is difficult. Hence, its always better of to know some words have a guide before hand. Check out –

Unconventional Thailand – Basic Thai Phrases For Tourists

10. You must try these amazing tropical variety of Thai fruits during your stay –

That’s all folks! I hope you’ll find this wish-list and secret tips to be of good use. Be vary of burglary and don’t forget to bargain at street stores. Take care and have a lovely day! Happy holidays!


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