Hello everyone! Hope you’ll are doing fantastic. We are in 2021 now and I am loving the way 2021 is being looked at as “202WON” as a powerful bounce back from COVID19.

While talking about winning, I had to share a winning post with my lovely readers starting this year with amazing skincare products from the secret stash of the gorgeous #millennialmom of two – Mrs. Mira Rajput Kapoor! Ain’t she beautiful? Shahid lucked out with her for sure! (talking about Indian #arrangedmarriagegoals )

Recently, Meera did a Insta Live with @vasudha.rai sharing loads of fun products and DIY skincare recipes for all skincare junkies out there. I couldn’t resist but to jump on the bandwagon since I myself love to support Indian home grown brands and of course try some DIY too. Here are some super duper affordable products she mentioned along the way –

Corlin FairGlow Mix-Fruit Massage Cream For Super Soft Skin

The moment she told me this product was a tip off she got from her local salon and it made her feet so soft and nourished… I just knew I had to go for it and order it asap. I ordered myself one tub of Corlin Fair Glow Mix-Fruit Skin Massage Cream, 850g and Corlin Fair Glow Apricot Turmeric Scrub, 850g for Rs.277/- each from Amazon. They are an Indian brand which amalgamates the beauty of modern skincare meets herbal magic in addition to some terrific pricing I would say. I mean, it’s absolute value for your money. I tried the Fair Glow Mix-Fruit Skin Massage Cream not just over my feet but also my body and I am not joking, it’s been almost 12 hours now and my skin still feels moisturised and well nourished in the winter season. I love it! No reaction nothing. The fragrance also fades off with the day, it may come across as a strong fragrance at first but then you are good. It does leave a greasy feeling post the massage, but that too fades as the day goes by. I would give this a solid 4 on 5 stars for being a super moisturising thick balm.
I can’t wait to experience and review the Fair Glow Apricot Turmeric Scrub. I know its too early to say, but I have a feeling this one’s going to be a winner too!

Order on Amazon.in or on +919911007996 or www.corlin.in to try.

Clinic Plus, Dove, Head & Shoulders and Herbal Essence Shampoo To Wash Off Oil Residue From Your Scalp

What could be more relatable tell me? I mean, every one of us has tried all or either of these brands at one point in our lives. I absolutely agree with not wanting to spend a fortune on shampoos and rather much go for these brands by following them up with a rich hair mask/conditioner. Very few shampoos get rid of all the oil in our hair after a good hair massage. It’s very difficult and I remember having to wash my hair at least 2-3 times to get rid of the oil or else my dried hair would still feel sticky and uncomfortable. These brands do their work the best! Cost effective and hair friendly. I do know all the girls out there who’ve coloured their hair or done some treatment might be cringing at the thought of this… but, these shampoos work best to get rid of all the gunk! Plus all of these are easily priced below Rs.350/- for sure. P.S. Do not forget to dilute the shampoo before directly putting it on your scalp. It causes less damage to the fair follicles.

Easily available at any chemist or drugstore or online.

Ponds Moisturising Cold Cream As A Makeup Remover

Wow! Now tell me if you thought of this cause I sure didn’t. I do not know if Nivea would do the trick, but Ponds sure does. In the world of micellar water, makeup removers and what not, this little hack could seriously change your world. Ponds also falls under Rs.200/- range and is super affordable. But since its very rich in texture, don’t forget to double cleanse with a nice oil cleanser and a normal cleanser after it to remove any makeup residue what so ever.

Easily available at any chemist or drugstore or online.

Shaclove Plus Cream for Pimple-Prone by Shahnaz Husain Skin for Acne Prone/Oily Skin

This seemed to be the star product from all her share. She shared a lovely nostalgic story behind her mother only visiting Shahnaz Husain Salon’s to get her beauty treatments done and she’d accompany her mother as a child. It is then when she fell in love with Shahnaz Hussain products and treatments. Shaclove Plus Cream for Pimple-Prone was one of the products which really worked on her skin as a youngster. I have personally never used this cream and quite frankly never even heard of it. Shahnaz Husain productsare popular, but personally I haven’t used any. I checked for this cream online and it costs Rs.670/- for 25gms. It is on the expensive side, but let’s give it a try to see how it works. The fact that she highly recommended it, I think it would be good. Let me know if you have tried it, I am curious to know. But here’s the point – CLOVE is a magic ingredient and it does work wonders on acne as it has antibacterial property. So that sounds good… but in any case, let me what do you have to say about it.

Easily available at any chemist or drugstore or online.

Boroline Ayurvedic Cream For Dry Hands, Dry Elbow, Itching From Mosquito Bites etc!

Common, I’ve mentioned this product multiple times on my blog and also, it is an Indian household staple. It’s a multipurpose cream and as Mira rightfully said, it can be used for treating dry skin and even to ease itching from mosquito bites! She’s tried it first hand on her children, it’s that safe. 40gms of Boroline costs Rs.70/- only and honestly, this is the best Rs.70 you can spend in your life. You name it, from acne scars to chapped lips to mosquito bites to cracked heels, this cream works on every single thing and is super duper easy to carry. Your best friend for all seasons! Trust me!

Easily available at any chemist or drugstore or online.

That’s about it for her super duper affordable products in the beauty department. But one thing I would really like to get my hands in and make is this potent hibiscus hair oil + hair mask! One of her secret recipes for amazing luminous locks. Here’s a direct dive into it by Mira Rajput herself –

P.S. do you know the cutest hack she’s shared? Haha! I love it. Here it goes –

She uses Shahid Kapoor’s beard brush to tame her baby hair. And she’s right! Those thick bristles work very well in taming baby hair especially when you have those up-do’s with slick back hair.

Usually the baby hair won’t just stay put by using beard brush I feel… But what you can do is, if you have aloe vera gel at home and a handy dandy unused tooth-brush. You can tame your baby hair at the cost of almost nothing. This not only looks after your hair but also helps you in stilling your hair. Unless you are alright with shelling some coin and buying yourself a beard brush and hair gel too. Try this hack and let me know!

Lots of love,