There is so much fad and gimmick on the internet these days, that one does fall prey to the constant advertisements and reviews. I am one such consumer and I thought why not just share my experiences with my readers and sort of… be their #keepingitreal platform about various things. I have always maintained utmost transparency on my blog and I continue maintain that good quality content flowing as I go on about my daily chores. So one such product, that I would like to talk about today is – SKINSOLVE Multi-benefit Butter Balm by Bella Vita Organic.

Winters this time in Mumbai were pretty chilled and I my skin was starting to peel with the dryness. Hence, I thought of trying something new which will be a multipurpose product to use during winters. I also was reaching out to more natural, chemical-free, simple, homegrown Indian brand products and that’s when I came across SKINSOLVE Multi-benefit Butter Balm by Bella Vita Organic.

I read the reviews, placed my order online and bought it for Rs.299/- for 85gms from amazon. The product claims to be the “new age Ayurveda” and that got me excited! Oh! It does dryness repair, soothes irritation, rash relief, lightens stretch-marks, makeup base and tattoo balm! My mind was like tick! tick! tick! This is going to be a fab product. Also anything that says “butter balm” how could it be anything but irresistible (good play on words Bella Vita Organic team!). No to mention it has no paraben, no sulphate and is a vegan product + its a cruelty free brand, so I was all in.

All the hype, bought. Now let’s get to the details shall we? –

The packaging was nice, but the box went straight into the bin since I am one of those people who is straightaway concerned with feel and benefit of the product and does it actually deliver what it claims to be. The first impression was that the container is cute but its plastic. For some strange reason I was expecting a class container, given all the shiny photographs doing rounds on the internet. Never mind.

The moment I opened the lid, all I could smell is this luscious vanilla-y buttery delicious fragrance doing the rounds and I by no means am complaining about this feature. I love me naturally aromatic skincare. Also, with the whole “butter balm” doing rounds in my head, I thought the product would have a more dense texture as opposed to this semi-liquid-grainy-but-soft texture. I can’t really put a finger on the texture of this product. It’s like a hybrid, similar to The Original (Vampire) Series. Ah! It’s complicated but still sexy, that’s how this product makes you feel.

On applying the product on my hand, it immediately emulsified into this oil mixture on my skin and on massaging it further, it left this greasy layer on my skin. Now that! is something I wasn’t expecting at all. And the grease stayed through out the day, not like all of the product got absorbed. The fragrance somewhat lingered but that was it.

Initially I bought SKINSOLVE to nourish my facial skin, however it left such thick layer of grease that I am sure had I gone ahead and included it in my daily routine I would be breaking out in a day or two’s time. From what I understand, they claimed a lot of things but the product never really got absorbed completely into my skin. It just stayed on the surface as a thick layer of grease for hours together. I was absolutely disappointed and just pushed this product to the corner of my vanity.

Since I had bought this product and it was barely put to any use, I had to think of a solution as to what to do. Hence, guys, if you choose to buy this product or have it already, you can use it for the following purposes –

  1. Use it to massage and moisturise your cuticles
  2. Cracked heels (don’t walk after doing that, you will slip my dahling!)
  3. Dried elbows
  4. Massage your breasts, especially for new moms, this would work
  5. You know what, just use this as a replacement of a massage oil. Bingo!

I haven’t seen any stretch marks fade to be frank. But, I suppose one has to try it to know better. My skin isn’t ultra dry like a khakra, but even then this product isn’t a stellar product. Bella Vita Organic, have many products and I feel they would be much better. But this “butter balm” didn’t do it for me. I just want to finish the product by using it some how. I wish I had rather much invested in their EYELIFT Under Eye Cream or NICOLIPS Lip Balm Scrub. That would have been a better choice!

Bella Vita Organic, I love their ethos and what they do. But this product, my friends at Bella Vita Organic, the formula needs to change. Something is off and I believe you’ll know that too. So better yet, get to it! cause we are expecting some amazing products from you’ll. Cheers.