Welcome to the last destination of our fantastic Thai trip – The Dynamic City of Bangkok! We kept Bangkok as our last stop for a reason and yes! its a no brainer – shopping. Bangkok has a lot of to offer, in addition to shopping and exotic food. It’s geographical demographics and the cultural diversity makes it an adventurous city to explore.

Three words to describe Bangkok – Colourful, traditional yet modern.

Day 1: Touching Base In Bangkok and getting ready for New Years celebration

It was a rather relaxed wake up call today. Our flight from Krabi to Bangkok – Don Mueang Internationall Airport was scheduled at 14:50 hours. So we took our time to pack, grab breakfast at our TAN Hostel X Cafe, Ao Nang Beach and waited for our pick up the airport. We used the same shuttle service as we did earlier when we arrived at Krabi.

Bidding adieu to Krabi was a bitter sweet moment for both of us, mom and me. We had so much fun here! Definitely plan to come back, but we couldn’t wait to reach Bangkok.

We did have access luggage, a slight bit. Still we managed to shuffle some and take it in our hand luggage and we were good to go.

Our flight with Air Asia was quick, we reached Bangkok in less than 1 and a half hour. Since it was the 31st of Dec, 2019, Air Asia served us with some incredible artesian plump-cake to celebrate the welcoming of the New Year and I loved it! Had to have a special mention for it 😛 fruity delicious buttery goodness. Oh My.

Anyway, we reached the airport and grabbed our luggage. We had to make way to our accommodation called Laksameenarai Guesthouse, Bangkok. As our accommodation was in the city center and rather far way from the air port, we got ourselves two tickets of Airport Shuttle Service to drop us at Starbucks on Khao San Road – which was perfect, as our guesthouse was 6 mins walking from there. The shuttle service was nice, comfortable, air-conditioned and you almost feel like you are taking a tour of Bangkok while you are at it and getting introduced to the insane traffic Bangkok is known for! Lol.

 Tip: Go for shuttle services as they are the best. Taxis are very expensive and local buses are rather suitable for the locals, since the chances of you getting lost are high + luggage space they don’t have. So, you have to manage your suitcases in between seats. A shuttle service will hardly cost you 30-40 Bhat per person.  

Upon reaching our destination, we walked our way into a narrow lane right besides Khao San Road to reach out guesthouse. The lane seemed dingy at first, but later you realize it is such a way when you are staying or just hanging at/around Khao San Road,

Laksameenarai Guesthouse, Bangkok was the second most expensive accommodation in our itinerary. We were put up here for 4 days 3 nights. And since we were here to celebrate and bring in 2020 with a fun celebration with my mom, so we thought why not. Let there be a slight splurge.

Laksameenarai Guesthouse, Bangkok Review: Well, where do I begin. The location of the guest house is bang on – it’s perfect. It’s an old Thai home, converted into a guesthouse type condo. Looked lovey in pictures and somewhat similar in reality too. We got the private dulex room, which was the best room in the guesthouse. It looked nice and lovely, but too small for two people also I felt. Cramped up. No luggage storage space and no attached bathroom. We had a shared bathroom inclusive of toilet.

The room was nice, actually ideal for a couples getaway but small. However, we did majorly face mosquito problems, ice was falling from the air -condition because of some malfunction, the host and cohost were on and off (Thai cum Vietnamese family). Thankfully they knew how to speak English at least and the bathroom was ok, functional at the least and on our floor. So we didn’t have to worry much in that respect.

When we did the booking, we were told two bottles of drinking water will be provided each day, but that sadly did not happen. The landlady finally did agree to provide one bottle of water for two days. Coffee and other basics were provided. They provide many other services and tour bookings as well. But we didn’t go for any. The BIGGEST plus point during New Years was the location of this guesthouse in addition to its marginal comfort provided in the money charged.

Rating: 3 / 5. (Average but doable!)

Since it was New Years tonight, we didn’t plan anything. We actually kept our day free to enjoy and celebrate at Khao San Road. It is the “IT” place when it comes to young people, music, food, party, celebrations and oh! baby scorpions in a skewer served on a tray to eat. Pretty epic I’d say.

My mother was absolutely thrilled to see the madness and Chang, Singha, Leo beer all over the place. Oh! MY FAV BEER IN THAILAND WAS –

Image Courtesy: Internet
Snowy Weizen
Wow! Smooth, silky and classy. I loved it chilled. Expensive than the rest but worth it.

So yes, coming back to new years celebrations, Khao San Road was hustling and bustling like crazy since 6pm itself. But before we guzzle any beer or party, we wanted to feed ourselves and we found the perfect place to do so –

MANGO Vegeterian & Vegan Resturant & Art Gallery

Now this restaurant deserves a special mention and there are multiple reasons why. Before I begin, Mango is located walking distance from Khao San Road. I’d say 5 mins or so. Just perfectly location on the main road, a quaint looking place, raw, aesthetically pleasing, with wonderful sweet staff and incredible furry cats to play around with while you eat. Yes they are pet cats of the owner, totally harmless and utterly cute. Also, did I mention that this restaurant was VVEGETARIAN AND VEGAN! Heaven. Absolute H.E.A.V.E.N.

I think it’s pretty obvious that We highly recommend this restaurant already. It’s run by a local family and they use local produce in addition to having a fantastic global menu. Each and every dish on the menu was pure deliciousness. I cant remember what all we ordered but the fresh coconut fruit milkshakes were mind-blowing. I loved the lychee milkshake paired with their buttermilk pancakes. OMG. There is so much we’ve eaten there. Truth be told, all our 3-4 days we went there for for at least one meal a day. We were that obsessed with their service, taste and hygiene. It truly made our trip special. Let me see if I can find some pictures for you all to see –

Rating: 5 / 5. (Must Visit!)

After filling ourselves to the brim, we partied, enjoyed, danced through Khao San Road and called it a night eventually. We had fun and wit was time to unwind. That’s how our New Years came in – Mother and Daughter dancing to Shark-do-do-do-baby! Shark-do-do-do-baby! Baby-shark!

Day 2: Shopping mainly at MBK Centre and others.

 Tip: Thailand is HUGE on plastic bags! You buy anything and they will hand you a plastic bag. Please buy cloth bags and carry your own and do not encourage the use of plastic.  

Today was the 1st day of 2020 and there was no way anything was going to be open apart from shopping centers. So we had dedicated the full day for shopping, shopping and more shopping. We called for a cab using Grab and made our way to MBK Centre.

Basically, there are two shopping districts/areas are Sukhumvit & Siam. But the one single place to get a HUGE and I mean HUGE variety is MBK center.
Terminal 21 was another cool mall we explored , which each floor has a theme of a certain world city. Both incredibly huge are indoor malls and yes, the word “huge” has been used multiple times defining two places because they actually are and one day or two days will never be enough to explore either of these malls.

We did some shopping in the malls and did some good old street shopping too. Grabbed a bite on the go and it was all very merry and fun. We then headed home in a tuk-tuk after a whole day of cardio and insane shopping. Successfully calling it a day at our guesthouse.

Day 3: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market & Mae klong Railway Market – Siam Paragon

This was our last day of activities, since we were leaving for Mumbai ie. back home tomorrow. Hence, our day was jam packed. Today we were exploring the old part of Bangkok. Not the modern city, but the old one. We had booked our tour from Klook as always and we were to reach Siam Paragon Mall by 10 am for our pick up. up.

We reached there, everything was very well organized by Klook team and we had two tour guide in our bus. Everything was very systematic and our first destination was Damneon Saduak Floating Market which was situated on the other end of Bangkok. It did take us a while to reach there but we were excited for this experience. Apparently this is how Thai people use to shop back in the days.

Upon reaching the market, we sat in water taxis (included in the tour) with safety jackets and started our tour. The canal were too narrow and almost scary to a point but all in good spirit. Its essential a market by locals selling souvenirs, food and other things around the canal and on boats. Its an interesting experience, but we personally didn’t like it much. The canals were dirty, unhygienic and just not good. But for a wholesome experience of Bangkok, we think this was ok. We then quickly hopped into our shuttle heading towards our next destination – Maeklong Railway Market.

Maeklong Railway Market was the better of the two and we really liked it. Quite the unique experience. Essentially, it is a market situated on top of railway tracks and every time the train comes, the shopkeepers would tactfully fold their shops in a matter of seconds and reopen them once the train is gone. It’s a very unique arrangement which we personally haven’t witnessed before, but it was fun. We ate food at a nook around the market and explored further. We spent quality time here and picked up some souvenirs.

Following which we left for the city and we were dropped of ICONSIAM, which ids by far the fanciest mall I’ve seen in the whole of Bangkok. We explored this amazing mall and travelled the whole world right under one roof in a mall. It was that exquisite. After shopping in and around ICONSIAM, we made our way to our guesthouse because believe it or not this was a whole day excursion and we were tired by the end of it all. We just grabbed some beers for ourselves and called it a night.

Review: 3 / 5. (It’s nice if this is something you like to do. But we could have done with doing a day trip from Bangkok to else where.)

Day 4: Buhbye Bangkok! Hello Home! Hello Mumbai!

Last day in Bangkok. Last day in Thailand. Wow. Hahaha.

Mom and I have absolutely no clue where these two weeks went… right from –

Unconventional Thailand – Chiang Rai | Instagram City

Unconventional Thailand – Chiang Mai | Night Life Safari

Unconventional Thailand – Chiang Mai | Elephant Safari & Hidden Temples

Unconventional Thailand – Krabi | Beaches & Islands

to Bangkok

What a superb journey it has been.

Today we kept ourselves relatively free since our flight was scheduled in the evening. Packed up our luggage, kept it at the guesthouse and went exploring on feet. We had almost finished our money also. Hardly 300 Bhat was left for the whole day. It was a fun challenge to make the most of it.

 Tip: We went more shopping and took the water taxi N10 for the best affordable clothing, really awesome cute socks, pants, shirts, and more but 1/10 the size of the MBK center, but so much easier to navigate. It’s RIGHT off the pier. Here is a water taxi/pier guide, as a localite recommended to us.  

After shopping, exploring Bangkok for the final time, we took our shuttle service and reached the airport. Safely took our flight and reached home all safe and sound.

Our girls trip to Thailand for 15 Days was one hellova memorable trip! for Ma and me 🙂 My best friend, My Mom… I Love You!

Review of Bangkok:

Bangkok is definitely the shopping and spa capital of Thailand, I’d say. Bangkok also hosts the house of the Royal Family and many other cultural heritage places. Besides that, if you are looking to party or just have a small getaway, Bangkok isn’t that bad.
But if you ask me, which one was the favorite? I would say Krabi hands down! Then Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai together and finally Bangkok.
You certainly don’t need more than a week for Bangkok to see it in entirety with Pattaya (if you will).

P.S. Who said travelling with your parent isn’t fun? You haven’t done it right then.