Let’s quickly hop on to the continuation of our summer skincare secrets series with quick home remedies 😉 Ahann.. you see the pun?!

Lol.. carrying forward with our natural skincare, we are going to see simple quick remedies which can be used pan all ages, gender and perhaps, seasons too. Overlapping/continuity of remedies completely depends on personal experience, as every individual has a different pravritti (bodily composition). Therefore, every body reacts differently.

Hence, shall we begin discussing our summer season discovery of –

Quick Home Remedies

As for diet, kindly refer to my previous article based on Ayurveda. In case of any doubts, feel free to drop in a message in the comments section below.

Amazing drinks for summer can be made using 4 ingredients max eg. fresh Nimbu Sharbat with Kesar, Chass, Lassi, Rose Milk with Chia Seeds, Aam Panna, Jal Jeera and Kokam Sharbat with Mint. Drink Sugarcane Juice, Coconut water and Neera if easily available. All of these drinks are easy on the stomach and great for the skin with natural sugars. #HEALTHY

Not to mention, drinking water from a mitti ka matka (earthenware jar) is best due to its cool aka neutral temperature of water which is ideal for our body. And Yes, cold water from the fridge/ice isn’t really considered cooling for our digestive system. In fact, quite the opposite, as our body has to work twice as hard to bring the water down to our body temperature, thus increasing the jathar agni (digestive power) more than necessary at the wrong time.

Quick Home Skincare

Our age-old traditions passed on from generations to generations still do work their magic. We make judgements even before we try them nowadays and that’s the flaw. But if you can take the effort of taking that tiny step forward then definitely try applying a mixture of besan/gram flour, mixed with raw milk (not boiled) and haldi/turmeric is a great antiseptic nourishing face pack. Keep it on for 10-15 mins, till it drys out and you’ll see the glow once you wash your face (do not use any face wash in doing so). Its recommended for brides and grooms-to-be too!

Use multani mitti/fullers earth as a face wash too, instead of purely using it as a face mask throughout summer. It is the best natural face wash. Dries out all your pimples and gunk that needs to be gone. Hallelujah! You can also use multani mitti mixed with yogurt/aritha to wash and nourish your hair instead of your regular chemical hair wash and conditioner.

Use ubtan mixed with milk as a scrub for your skin once every week. You can also use sugar mixed with honey as a face and lip scrub to get rid of dry skin and dirt. It isn’t too abrasive for your skin, rather the perfect grainy texture to bid farewell to dry skin.

Use papaya skin peel to rub all over your face and leave it for 10-15 mins to get rid of the sun tan and also enjoy eating the fruit side by side.

Apply aloe vera gel on your skin to sooth the skin from after sun damage.

Rose water mixed with eucalyptus oil is your best friend for summer. Spritz it all over your face as a toner and refresher.

If neem leaves available easily, boil them and pour them in your shower bucket and have a bath as frequently as possible throughout the season. All bacteria/germs resting in any curves of your body will wash away. Your skin will be clean and fresh in the true sense throughout summer. Got sweat? Suffering from heat rash? Ouch! Don’t worry, you’ve got Neem to take care of that 🙂

In short, all of these things are easily available to us, at a fraction of the price and we can use them for our utmost benefit. I’m sure you’ll know this saying – Ghar Ki Murgi Dal Barabar i.e. we rarely acknowledge what we have readily available around us. Hence, this post is dedicated to bringing that awareness, rather as a reminder of the abundance we have been given by mother nature. So, use it for your benefit, by substituting daily chemically processed products with natural remedies only if you deem fit. Saves money and does the job as fine as any.

REMEMBER, whatever we can eat, we can most definitely put on our face and body. There are no side-effects.

**Kindly keep in mind that in summer, due to heat our pores are more open than usual**

**Being gentle and loving to our skin is very important**

I hope you’ll are able to incorporate at least one of suggestions/remedies to result in a healthy life and healthy skin