Oh Yes! Since the fever of Four More Shots Please! is not going to fade off any time soon, why not dive into the skin care regimen of our another favorite Sayani Gupta aka. Damini Rizvi Roy.

We have an exclusive series called “Skin-tilating” which only talks about skin care through and through. Click here to know more.

Damini’s character is so bold and fierce. It’s also fun to see how she’s always stuck between two men and balancing life at the same time. Sayani does complete justice to her character. Brutal, yet soft at heart. Not to mention, the chemistry she has with the cast opposite her ie. Prateik Babar and Milind Soman is out standing! Even in her “no make up” make up looks, her skin looks beautiful. Hence, I couldn’t help myself but dive into her skin care regimen which she sweetly shared on her Instagram live.
P.S. She’s quite bubbly you know! Opposite to her character Damini in Four More Shots Please! I couldn’t help but laugh with her while she was chatting with Adhuna Akhtar on @bbluntindia page talking about hair care and how she’s finding it crazy difficult to keep up with the #GrowOutChallenge 😛

Any how, let’s just jump into skin care shall we? Before our minds wander off to hair care wonders. So here we go –

Skin Type: Combination Skin ie. Normal skin with oily T-zone

Skin Ideology: Use simple things, listen to your skin, dermatologist loyalist and recommends work-out/sweat-it-out for healthy glowing skin.

Skin Care Routine

  1. Face Wash/Cleansing Lotion: She was very particular about having clean skin. She’s been using the following product for years together and likes the fact that it is anti-sulfate and soap free,
Moiz Cleansing Lotion by Glowderma

2. Toner: She does not like to keep makeup on for a long time. Likes to keep skin natural and just clean for the long term benefits. Even after washing the face, many a times there is dirt residue and she uses the following product for a through cleanse,

Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-free Toner by Kiehls

3. Essence: This is a new addition to her routine and she likes using it as an additional step to her skincare,

Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence by  L’Oreal Paris

4. Facial Treatment: Her dermatologist has recommended this product. Sayani swears by her dermat and this helps in keeping your face clear from acne. She uses this as a base before a moisturizer and sunscreen.

Clear Gel by Sebamed

5. Sun Screen: Something that you should regularly have in your bag is a good sunscreen. She uses this product as it does not leave any whitness on the skin and its oil free with 50 SPF. It suits her skin perfect and she’s been using it for years. She uses it even when she’s inside the house, its a good practice to have to apply sunscreen in the day time and also, naturally when you are stepping out.

Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ by Neutrogena

6. Moisturizer: She absolutely swears by this product and it’s extremely nourishing. A little bit goes a long way. It’s really hudrating. She does not recommend people with oily skin to use this product. For her combination skin, it makes her skin glow and leaves it hydrated.


*Her dermatologist has recommend this moisturizer and adviced to alternate between the two.

Skin Moisturiser by ORYZA

7. Eye Cream: She’s recently started taking care of her eyes and got into the habit of using eye creams. She really enjoys this one and alternates with the other,

Extra Eye Repair Cream by Bobbi Brown

*Her dermatologist has suggested her to alternatively use,

Clearz Plus by Dr. Reddy Laboratories

8. Lip Balm: She always uses a good lip balm. These are favorites in order of preference,

Lucas Papaw Ointment
Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden
Pink Grapefruit Virgin Coconut Natural Butter by Spa Ceylon

9. Lip Mask: Her favorite lip mask, which you can put over night. It tastes really nice and it has a little powder finish. It also gives you a tint, which is nice for the night 😉

Pucker by Enn Closet

10. Face Mist: She enjoys a face mist every now and then. Especially given the summers here. It’s worth it. It smells really nice and keep her refreshed. She keeps this handy always.

Face and Body Mist Frankincense by Organic India

That’s about it. This is her skin care routine. But she did also mention, two products she uses on and off,

  • Midnight Recovery Face Oil by Kiehl’s at night. Not on her face, but all around her body instead.
  • Clindamycin Phosphate Gel.

I hope this was fun for you guys. She has a wide range of products from high street price to the luxury products. If you can, you too can indulge in skin care products like her. I am going to pick and choose from what she uses as it’s closest to my skin type.

Invariably, we don’t realize but sometimes we do have extensive skin care routine’s. For instance, Sayani has a good 10 step routine which is almost close to the 11 step Korean Skin care which you can find on Michelle Phan’s Night Time Skincare Routine On Harper’s Bazaar YouTube Channel Made So Much Sense!

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