Skin care – a habit that keeps on developing with time. I personally really enjoy and indulge myself in skin care. Taking tips and tricks, product recommendations from people I follow in addition to my own knowledge that I’ve gained through my dermat or family secrets have always been a way to take care of myself and probably… probably control aging in the long run (at least I hope!).

Therefore, I am starting this series on my blog called Skin-tilating . These posts will talk all about skincare secrets of celebrities, industry gurus and make up artists who have many tricks up their sleeves. All the skin care lovers, people who aspire to treat their skin better and who would like to know what their favorites do in order to look as fabulous as they do, this one is for you!

Disclaimer: These products are individually recommended by each person. In no way or from are they claiming to be dermatologists. Hence, use products at your own risk. Consult a dermatologist for best results.

Let’s dive straight into it – Kirti Kulhari aka Anjana Menon, the glamorous lawyer mom from Four More Shots Please! is killing it with her character, be it season 1 or 2. An extremely intriguing yet complex yet fun soul that she is on the show, her skin looks outstanding all through out. I am enjoying her look!

So, I followed her on Instagram @iamkirtikulhari and realized she genuinely does have great skin for someone in her mid 30’s. I was organically interested in knowing her skin care regimen and by chance I got to see her live yesterday sharing her current skin care recommendations. To say the least, I was quite pleased and surprised with her recommendations. As you further read this article, you’ll know why.

P.S. This article is dully approved and loved by Kirti Kulhari herself. Check it out!

A comprehensive current skin care favorites and skin care regimen of Kirti Kulhari!

Skin Type: Normal (at present)

Skin Care Ideology: Prefers natural skin care products / Ayurvedic products, over commercial products.

She shared a lot of details regarding her skin care regimen and for a person like me, it was a school on skin care. Almost as if I was refreshing my basics of skin care secrets. Therefore, lets start with,

Skin care for FACE

Moisturizers: She’s going with the basics and also products recommended by her dermatologist from the past 6 years, which have been working magic for her skin.

Pure Aloe Vera Gel by Natuur

Pure Aloe Vera Gel
Shes been using pure Aloe Vera gel right after shower for many many years. It not only hydrates your skin but gives it that glow and nourishment from within which one needs in our Indian summers and all year round actually.

Emolene Cream (Dermatologist recommendation for her)

She literally swears by this cream. This cream was recommended by her dermatologist for her skin care almost 6 years back and she has been using it ever since. It is a water based moisturizer and is suitable for any skin type all year round. A permanent addition to her skin care regimen.

Eye Cream: She is an ardent user of eye cream and she emphasized on how delicate our skin is around our eyes and why they need to be moisturized on day to day basis. I agree with her, who wants crows feet and under eye dark circles. She recommended these products in order of current preference,

Intensive Eye Cream With Anise by Forest Essentials (Light, used in morning)
Prickly Pear, Chia & Tamanu Eye Roll-on by Juicy Chemistry (Oily, used at night)
Damask Rose & Coffee Organic Eye Cream by Juicy Chemistry
Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado by Kiehl’s

Skin Treatments: She has intelligent skin treatments tailored to herself. But the products she has mentioned are pretty much applicable to most of the people depending upon their skin type. First lets talk about treatment recommended by her Dermatologist –

Clindamycin Phosphate Gel

This gel clears your skin, controls the oil secretion and even minimizes the pores. Generally its recommended for acne pone skin, but she uses it too. Just to clear her skin in general.

Retino A 0.025% Ointment

Retional’s main ingredient Tretinoin has great benefits. It can be used for anything from treating acne to aging to skin pigmentation. It has anti aging properties. She uses it at night only. It can be used all over your face/on affected areas. 2 – 3 times a week. It increases growth rate of skin cells. The starting dosage recommended by her Dermatologist is Retino A 0.025% Ointment (blue colour tube). Once done with that, you can even increase the potency to Retino A 0.05% Ointment (red colour tube). She highly recommended this product.

Note: While doing this treatment, sunscreen has to be used in the morning with minimum 30 SPF. Regardless of being out or at home.

She spoke about her recent discovery and loyalty to UK based brand – The Ordinary. I personally loved this brand as well. It is extremely affordable with simple ingredients that one can understand and actually see results of science used at it’s best. She’s been using the following products from The Ordinary on regular basis in terms of preference –

  1. Lactic Acid 10% + HA( 30ml )
  2. Retinol 1% in Squalane( 30ml ) [Anti-aging]
  3. AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution( 30ml ) [Once a week]
  4. Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG( 30ml ) [For the eyes]
  5. Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5( 30ml ) [As a serum / Make up base]
  6. Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA( 30ml ) [Moisturizer]

I would definitely buy these products on my next trip to London or have them called down to India. In case if you can not do either, you can purchase all these products from . They ship worldwide.

Sunscreen: Although Kirti isn’t using sunscreen right now and majority of her life she hasn’t used sunscreen (talk about good genes!). VJ Bani , another fierce character from Four More Shots Please! as Umang Singh recommendation her to use sunscreen to take care of her skin, like,

La Shield Oil-Free Sunscreen Gel SPF 40 PA+++
Cleansers, Masks and Lip Scrub/Balm for FACE

Cleansers: She does not use face wash and doesn’t recommend using face wash excessively either. However, she does use cleansers for her face to remove make up and for the general well being of her facial skin. She swears by

Mild Cleansing Oil by Muji
Milky Oil Cleanser by Glossier

Face Masks: She applies face mask on daily basis. It’s her replacement for face wash. Following are her all time favorites, she keeps on switching between because its so much fun! And we agree to that too.

Black Sugar Mask Wash-off by SkinFood
Ba-Na-Na-Nah Face Mask by ENN Closet
After 9 Overnight Sleeping Mask by ENN Closet

[su_highlight background=”#f5afea”]Tip: She also creates many D.I.Y Masks using Ubtan, Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth), Multani Mitti mixed with curd, Organic honey, Ginger juice mixed with honey etc.[/su_highlight]

Lip Scrub: Exfoliating lips is essential and she uses,

Tuscany Lemon & Green Tea Organic Lip Scrub by Juicy Chemistry

Lip Balm: The next step after lip scrub is using a nourishing lip balm, she is currently using,

None of Your Beeswax by Lush
Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm by Deciem

That’s all for skin care products for the face. Now let’s hop on to the other juicy details!

[su_highlight background=”#f5afea”]Tip: Remember to go from the lightest water based products, to then layering oil products on top/last.[/su_highlight]

Skin care for HAIR AND BODY

Hair and body care are equally important as others. She shared some really interesting habits and successful cures she used for her skin problems.


Hair Oil: She regularly oils her hair. It’s a good way to keep your scalp nourished, after all scalp is also skin. She highly recommends using cold pressed organic coconut oil.

[su_highlight background=”#f5afea”]Tip: She also shared an exciting tip that coconut oil mixed with ginger juice helps in hair growth. It’s her moms’s secret tip, and I am so going to try this next.[/su_highlight]

Shampoo: She’s currently using Olaplex treatments to look after her hair and also uses Shampoo Bar by Lush. No explicit mention of which exact product, but you can go forward and check in this category as per your hair type.

Conditioner: She does not use a traditional conditioner on her hair after shampooing them. Instead, uses leave-in conditioners in her hair. She highly recommends,

Treatment Oil by Moroccanoil
Argan Beauty Treatment Oil by Nashi

Dandruff: She suffered from dandruff, but this miracle product changed the game for her. She used it 2 times a week, after shampooing her hair and keeping it on for 5 mins and washing it off again for a month and more. The product is,

Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Soap: She recommends using natural handmade soaps and also recommends Dove soaps for daily use as they are gentle and good.

Body Scrub: She D.I.Y’s this one from her husbands left over coffee grind from his coffee machine. She doesn’t let him throw the coffee grind, instead mixes it with brown sugar and cold pressed organic coconut oil. Mixing all the three ingredients, she uses them as body scrub. Once she body scrubs herself, she does not use soap. Washes herself off and that’s about it. Not only is it exfoliating but also detoxing for the entire body. Such an easy hack I say!

Body Salts: She spoke at length about body salts and how they remove negativity from your body. You can either scrub them gently on your body or mix it with water. It’s an extremely cleansing and calming process for your body. Had a bad day? Surrounded by negativity? Treat yourself to a salt bath. She uses sea salt to have a bath. You can choose your mix as per your liking.

Magnesium Sulphate Pure Epsom Salt by Nature’s Tattva

VJ Bani aka Gurbani, also recommended her Epsom Salt for bath as it calms your muscles. Magnesium Sulphate Pure Epsom Salt by Nature’s Tattva is her current favorite.

That’s about it guys! Quite an interesting range of products and she’s genuinely shared the good stuff with us. I am so glad, I wrote it all down. But she again and again emphasized that there is no replacement to good night sleep, water consumption, good diet, life style and stress reduction. Your over all health makes a major impact on how your skin looks, hence don’t just depend upon these products but also look into the most important part – HEALTH.

I hope you enjoyed this article and you could get some tips and tricks to incorporate in your skincare regimen. Take care and be safe!


*Images used for representative purpose, contact for credits.*