I love travelling to new places and experiencing cultures in different ways. Its the adventure of being in a completely new place, disconnected from all our vices and worries. Just living life to the fullest. Breathing without stress. Laughing without qualms. Catching up on family time or “me time” after long. My aim is to travel at least twice a year to a place of choice on a vacation. Travelling is therapeutic and so should be the process of booking/arriving at the destination be seamless. The rules and regulations these days make it so difficult for tourism also to survive. As for tourists like us, who probably plan their trips way in advance by themselves, get fed up of these endless visa applications and the math of it all. Also, not to mention spending some hard earned coin and valuable time to get access to countries (to go there and spend more money) is the joke of it all.  Any how, the Indian passport isn’t as weak as you might think. With its 74th global rank amongst 193 countries, India is doing well on the onset of 2019 I’d say with access to almost 58 countries – Visa Free Entry or Visa On Arrival. Out of all these 58 countries, I’d love explore and create memories by visiting –


Bhutan, for its mystical mountains.

Mauritius, for its beautiful clear beaches and coral reefs.

Nepal, for the peace and wisdom of Buddhist culture.

Seychelles, for exclusive private islands and jet ski.



Indonesia, for its diverse culture and forested volcanic mountains.

Visa Fees: $35 USD (for the initial 30 days)

Jordan, for its magnificent heritage and to float in the Dead Sea.

Visa Fees: No fees based on conditions precedent

Maldives, to become one with the ocean, relax and enjoy spa all day.

Visa Fees: No fees based on conditions precedent

Malaysia, for the mix of all cultures and great food.

Visa Fees: Rs.2,800/- for 15 days stay and Rs.4000/- for 30 days

Thailand, for its vibrant life and endless shopping.

Visa Fees: No fees for the initial 15 days

Vietnam, for the food and floating boat markets.

US $35 USD (for the initial 30 days)

*Notable Mention: Sri Lanka – No visa but special permit required. Visa Fees: $20 USD (for the initial 30 days)

If you can, travel the world. There is so much to see, observe and experience. All of these countries are affordable/budget friendly trips. Including the visa-on-arrival fees which are fairly nominal charges. Many websites like Kesri Tours, MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo, Trivago etc do a great job at curating custom trips for everyone. If I’m not wrong they usually take a bunch of people on family tours too. It’s fun I hear! Or simply go bag packing at least once in your life to any of these place. Vibrant cultures, rich heritage and natural beauty will take your breath away! The perfect getaways to rejuvenate and revive yourself. Well travelled people always have a unique approach in life. Its not just the excitement but the ability to expand your horizons and be wherever you want. Untouchable (digital detox) or not, an occasional change is a must for everyone. Adds life into you. It does. The world is too big to be a small fish in a pond. 


*Images used for representative purpose, contact for credits.*