Miniso cute packaging and intense marketing got to me and I simply couldn’t resist revisiting Miniso, Colaba outlet to check out some more new products.

It iss sale time at Miniso at flat 50% off across all their stores (at least thats what they were claiming on their social media) and I quickly jumped into a cab as soon as I got done work to head there. However, to my utter surprise the staff at Miniso Colaba informed me that they do not have any sale and there seems to be some confusion (despite of me showing them their own advert). Lot of other customers came in enquiring for the same as well. Any how, later I was informed that – “Miniso Colaba Outlet is a Private Franchise and hence, they do NOT have the same offers + all products stocked like any other Flagship Miniso store.” So kindly bare this in mind when shopping at Miniso Colaba Outlet, as they may or may not have the products you’ve been seeing everywhere and also they may or may not have the same offers/promotions in store.

Any how, after this strange debacle I still went on with my shopping and thought of picking up few things. This time around I was spending most of my time in the beauty, stationery and the “water bottle/kettle” section (they have an insane variety of water bottles in every colour and shape imaginable!).

To be realistic, I’m a working woman. I by default deviate towards products that I can use on daily basis, which are durable and good quality products. In short – value for my money. Hence, the products that I’ve picked up as well are for daily use –

Miniso Glass Water Bottle with Lid 475ml in Pink

Review: Looks pretty and does the job. Can easily be carried in your bag/purse. But, very heavy (when filled with water to the brim), fragile, gets easily dirty and difficult to drink water without the lip touching your nose while dinking water.

Miniso Lavender Series – Lavender Moisturizing And Balancing Toner 150ml

Review: It is a simple toner. No pungent smell. Does the job and my skin hasn’t reacted adversely to it as yet. So we are good!

Miniso Mini Poni – Super Silky Lip Lacquer 3g in Pale Rose

Review: Colour is pretty but does not show up on my face because its one of the colours which are “my lips but better” kind of neutral shade. Velvety finish. Not stain/transfer proof. Lasting life is hardly 2 hours. The applicator is comfortable, no excess amount of product is removed at once. There is a domestic/chemically/powdery smell to it.

Miniso Peel-Off Water-Based Nail Polish 12ml in 27 Nude Brown and 22 Nude Beidge

Review: One of the coolest nail paints I have in my collection so far! First of all they are peel of nail paints, which means you can literally peel them off when you get bored of them. No need of a nail polish remover. Peel it off and you are done. BAM! You definitely need to apply two coats to get an even application. The pigmentation is great. However, as I am a working woman I do a lot of work daily. I don’t have the luxury of keep my manicured hands untouched by work. Therefore, these nail paints do not last too long on my nails. Maximum I would say is 2-3 days and they are chipped. So thats that. But even then, I’m happy with them because I don’t have to keep my hands looking ugly incase if the nail paint chips. Here, I just peel them off and have clean natural nails again. However, they are perfect for occasion wear and I also think trying out some vibrant shades would be fun in this range. They apparently have nail paint changing colour as per the pH levels of our body?! That’s something I’m looking to try. These babies save me time! And quite frankly thats the kind of beauty products I LOVE.

Miniso Water Color Markers

Review: They are your average markers but with high pigment. Not see through. Once you mark with them, you cannot see the text below. They are markers not highlighters bare in mind. Great colour range. Great grip. Expensive for a marker but I am a stationery collector and I love to make my work colourful and fun.

Miniso Tea Pot

Review: It nice and sturdy. Perfect for making my green tea whenever I want. Its simple and easy to use. Good product.

Approximate amount spent in total Rs.2500/- +

Some products are great and some are not so great. But overall, I am happy with the products I’ve bought. I was also looking to buy a 3D facial massager from them which was for Rs.625/- + or something. But, I was shocked to see all opened packages displayed to be sold. Not a single product was sealed and I was not willing to spend my hard earned money buy paying full price for opened and tested products. I have serious hygiene issues. When informed the staff about the same and asked for a sealed one, they said they only have these and they all are open. So that was another let down in one visit itself.

I think Miniso the brand is great. I haven’t come across any flimsy or poor quality products yet. But I would highly recommend to check the products before you buy. Do not go for unsealed products. And next time for me? I will only go to a Miniso Flagship Store. They have bigger and better collections. I’m done with this one for now. They don’t have sale and neither do they have all products (sealed ones too!). So Miniso Colaba is a pass for me. Perhaps Miniso at Phoenix Market City Mall in Mumbai will be much better. Will definitely update you’ll as and when I visit them.

Enjoy Shopping!

*Images used for representative purpose, contact for credits.*