Sitting in my bedroom, scrolling through twitter I came across tweets of “Heavy #snowfall in Kashmir” trending and the beautiful pictures straight away transported me to a snow clad cottage rooftop, with a cup of hot filter coffee in hand and a frozen red nose resembling a reindeer… soaking in the beauty of snowfall. Dreamy. Picturesque. Snowflakes.
That’s when it struck me what about winter essentials? The ordeal behind figuring out what to wear and what what not to wear. It’s all about feeling warm, cozy and comfortable in chilly winters for me.
I love winter. It is my favourite season of all times. Winter also means, woollen clothes. Traditionally, we’ve played by layering sweaters and shawls and monkey caps and more on top of each other. No care for fashion. But now there are insane amount of options available in winter fashion everywhere. Not only feel warm and comfortable but also look fashionable at the same time. Clothes created with new technology have become lighter in weight, and yet are perfect for winters. Hence, you no longer need to correlate beautiful winters with heavy-unbreathable clothing anymore.
New fashion and affordable trends are your winter essentials for this season –
Wool blended opaque tights
Woollen over-the-knee socks
Thick socks
Leather gloves
Woollen Cashmere Scarf
Body warmer
The secret behind layering is you go from thin thinnest material to the thicket. For example –

These pieces are easily available anywhere across online and departmental stores in India and worldwide. Winters do tend to be all about dark toned clothes, try to add hint of colour wherever you can. It’s different, adds life and stands out. Something that is completely up to you to customise your look in a way that you feel fabulous. But these winter essentials, will make sure to keep you warm and fuzzy!

#ProTip You can even pair leather jackets or pants with woollen wear to get that classy look!