Its been three years to Netflix in India and I don’t think tv series could have ever been this exciting before. I’m not a telly girl really, but stories now are so much more interesting and addictive. I enjoy a mix of genres like sci-fi, fantasy, drama and comedy. I also like my occasional dose of documentaries too.
But truth being told, I’ve always enjoyed US/UK sitcoms and TV shows more than Indian telly. Having said that I’m also a huge fan of classic Indian shows like Malgudi Days, Chacha Chaudhary, Mahabharata, Chanakyaniti and more. They have this unforgettable old school charm about them, which makes them so special to watch. I’m sure all the 90’s kids can relate to this.
But what am I enjoying on Netflix right now? Here it is –
The Crown
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Jane the Virgin
Lost in Space
An absolutely crazy bunch? I know. But these shows are great to binge watch. Trust me. Something to tickle your senses of entertainment.
My hardcore way of doing Netflix & Chill includes, soft & cozy PJs, tucked in my blanket, hair tied, glued to my laptop screen and phone on DND… while binging on food I’ve just order from Swiggy, Food Panda or Zomato. My current favourite has been eating pizzas and garlic bread from Jack’s Pizza at Grant Road (especially a pizza called “Hawaiian”), while sipping on some amazing milkshakes from FLIRT at Fort and binge watching my favourite shows. May be even finish a nice tub of ice cream from Naturals to make it even better. Sometimes, binge watching shows demands for a glass of wine and I make sure to treat myself to one whenever I can 😉
A classic night in for me!
There has been a lot of buzz about must watch Netflix Original content and I’m now tempted to watch –
Sacred Games
Stranger Things

This is my space of enjoyment and I love it. I watch shows on my laptop/TV/mobile/tablet… literally whenever I need to switch off my brain and have a chilled time, then this is where I go to. There are so many shows that I’ve loved to watch and rewatch on Netflix or otherwise. I’ll perhaps share than list on a later day. Meanwhile tell me if you’ve watched any of these shows and how you Netflix & Chill!


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