Fashion Royal Wedding

I’m still gushing over the #royalwedding of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, held just few days ago in England. My previous post gives you a sneak peak on the exclusive event. Especially about the lady of the hour – Meghan, Duchess of Sussex aka “the bride.” Everything from “the dress”  to her makeup and hairstyle!

Meghan Harry Wedding Official Picture

Source: Kensington Palace Social Media

Both, Prince Harry and Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor (officially) are so in love and it’s so beautiful to see.

P.S. Secretly wanting my happily after to be this magical too!

Meghan first appearence

Source: GettyImages

The Duchess is glowing! Her first public appearance as a member of the royal family, attending Prince Charles‘ garden party at Buckingham Palace, honoring Charles’ 70th birthday.

Meghan 1st App Buckingham

Source: GettyImages

Meghan looks ravishing in this pastel blush pink dress by the brand Goat. Simply paired with a hat, purse and shoes. All on the neutral pallet. The dainty accessories perfectly complemented the look and the pull back bun. Minimalistic and Royal.

It was a winning look for me, in the most simple yet comfortable attire. This look is extremely wearable by anyone. Ideal for a brunch or an office meeting.

Following the Duchess grand wedding, I feel it’s time to give my top 5 royal looks of the day  –

Lady Kitty Spencer Makeup

Source: Internet

Lady Kitty Spenser

Source: Internet

Lady Kitty Spencer looking like a vision. Sparkling bright like a diamond!

Amal George Clooney Royal Wedding

Source: Internet

Amal and George Clooney – I have fallen in love with the colour yellow again. Look at her style. I love it!

Victoria David Beckham Royal Wedding

Source: GettyImages

Victoria and David Beckham – The fashion royalty. Nothing more said. Although, the tailoring is impeccable on Mr. Beckham.

Gabriel Macht and Jacinda Barrett

Source: Internet

Gabriel Macht and Jacinda Barrett – Very very classy. They straight away look like a couple from the Downtown Abbey era.

 Patrick J Adams and Troian Bellisario

Source: Internet

Patrick J Adams and Troian Bellisario – Ah! Meghan’s onscreen husband on Suits. They both look spectacular. Fresh and young.

P.S. I feel the American lads stole the show. All the Suits actors looked fabulous!

Priyanka Chopra Royal Wedding

Source: Internet

Unfortunately, our desi girl aka Priyanka Chopra didn’t make it to my top 5 list. I personally didn’t enjoy her look at all. In fact, I found her choice of dress and accessories to be very tacky. Vivienne Westwood, wouldn’t be my choice of designer house for a summer royal wedding especially when the world is her oyster. We’ve seen PC do much better!

Let me know what your style is and who made it to your top 5 looks from the #royalwedding . Fashion is always so much fun!



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