Interestingly a few days ago, I stumbled upon an article by Rahul Khanna (yes, the handsome hunk-actor-mogul) called – “We can all do much better than ‘best regards’” in LiveMint e-paper. The article was so refreshing! I could instantly connect with it. Hence, I thought it would be so much fun to talk about this awkward juxtaposition we all face when it comes to the “correct way” of official and unofficial communication.

In today’s world, there isn’t a soul on the planet who isn’t conversing through the digital medium. And as quick as email have gotten through the years, so have our errors. We often confuse stereotypical greetings, to be our own personal signature. Forgetting, if its right?

I’m always in a mix of Best Regards and Kind Regards. Honestly, it just happens automatically. Re-correcting the auto-signature for every single email is very exhausting. Yours truly, Yours faithfully etc. does it really impact the readers impression? Do tell. But, such is life.

Rahul, the cheeky grammar-nazi went on to share his pet peeves and tips about working wise. And here’s what I think,

  • Use of words set the tone to the conversation. It’s up to you to convey what you want. Nobody really cares if you write “revert back” instead of “reply”. They both mean the same. However, what you want to make sure is you actually get a response back.
  • It’s quite rude to keep on sending chains of emails in completion of your primary email. Finish what you have to say in one go. Read it, add or delete what’s necessary and send. I can not emphasise enough on the importance of reviewing. Review! Review! Review! No one likes opening ten emails concerning one topic.
    *Only non-techsavy parents or crazy ex’s-who-need-to-be-blocked are excused from the same.*
  • Minimise the use of “for the same” in any official document. It doesn’t help. #guiltyascharged
  • Be courteous and end your email on a good note. Your end is your main dialogue. Say what you want and keep it short, to the point. On the lines of being humble, grateful, eager, honoured etc. The recipient will most likely appreciate that.
  • Avoid sending emails/texts on the move. Only God knows, how many disasters have happened because of that. When full in attention, then only click on send. Make this a habit. #notetoself
  • Keep whatsapp messages to the point. If you are in many groups, be careful when responding. Who knows you might accidentally send a message saying “boss is a b*tch” on the office group of which he’s a member! Lol! D E A D.

#ProTip If you can, please keep two different numbers for personal and work. Keep caller ID on. In case of awkward situations, keep a prank call app in your phone. Which will give you a fake call and an excuse to get out of any situation! Trust me, IT WORKS!

  • Don’t use short forms/ SMS abbreviations, many of us don’t understand it and its really putting off. Use complete words/sentences please.
  • Also, its never too late to revisit your grammar skills or writing skills in general. We become so robotic in life, that we ultimately forget whats the correct format. There are plenty of books to read on that.

Thats about it I guess. I’m also learning new things as on my way. You tell me if you’ve faced such awkward situations as well and what did you do to overcome them. Communication is key and we have to master it.

*Images used for representative purpose, contact for credits.*