Kangana, as we all know, is a fabulous actress based on her movies like Queen, Fashion, Tanu Weds Manu. Her upcoming epic film Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi along with Mental Hai Kya opposite Rajkumar Rao has already got everyone talking much before the release. 2019 is going to be her year of films, especially since the start of the year is so powerful with her directorial debut alongside the makers of Bahuballi for Manikarnika.

We love her acting, but what we love more is the meaningful purpose behind her fashion choices; which can be seen during the promotions of Manikarnika.


The comeback of intricate handloom garments by Indian weavers!

One can never have a fashion faux pas with any Indian handlooms… Which is why Kangana’s continuous appearances in sarees is reminding me of a new-age Rekha. There is something quite regal about her and I don’t exactly know what it is… but she’s definitely giving Indian Handloom the due credit they deserve.

This conscious decision of Kangana wearing Indian clothing during the promotions was made by marketing team of Manikarnika. And their plan worked and How! Her sense of style has always been clean, chic, minimalistic and occasionally bold. Kangana is one of the few women in Bollywood who carry themselves with utmost grace in any given ensemble. A true style icon for many (including yours truly). 

The fact that I’m writing an article about it shows the impact and reach of her style that has got millions of people talking about revisiting and reviving Indian Handloom/Weaves. Sarees and Indian clothing are no longer a second choice and her looks are a testament to that. From what I can tell (based on reviews from friends and family) she has practically made every woman want to buy sarees and Indian clothing just like hers. The rich Kanjeevaram sarees to the beautiful salwar suits – she’s definitely sending the message out there that Indian clothes are comfortable, chic and very current. 

In fact, she’s been wearing many pieces from her private collection too as pointed out by her acclaimed stylist Ami Patel. As the film itself is a periodic/epic film, the costumes created by Neeta Lulla are heavily inspired by Maharashtrian traditions and Marathi fashion. It was the era of rich handloom pieces, which can be across the board of this movie. I’ve spoken at length about “Marathi Fashion” through a series in my blog.

Her current style statements are motivating me to bring out a saree from my cupboard (which has been lying there for a while) and wear it like a modern day Indian woman to work or anywhere I like. Spruce up the look with statement jewellery and minimalistic makeup. That’s all. That is exactly how effortless she makes it look!

P.S. I can already predict that a #30DaySaree challenge is going to come up soon.

These are the few looks of Kangana that I’ve been loving so far –




Kanchivaram Silk Saree


Banarasi Pink Tissue Silk Saree


Kanjeevaram Silk Saree (Gifted by Rekha Ji)


Kanchivaram Silk Saree (Again)


Chiffon Saree


Chiffon Saree (Again)

Cotton-Silk Punjabi Suit

Salwar Suit

This is what is called a mass appeal to women and girls of all ages pan India and around the world. Our Indian weavers are so special and unique, yet undervalued. Their niche is dying because no one wants to become a weaver due to pay crisis. There is an extreme pay gap between the earnings of big fashion houses selling handloom garments and the actual weaver. I’m talking about now. Weavers spend hours and hours of work to create a masterpiece with their hands. This masterpiece cannot be replicated like the machine created ones.

We’ve been reading about this for years together and yet when we buy a garment from a local vendor from a village we bargain for the smallest amount too.

There was a fabulous article written by Financial Express called “Thread of hope: Weaver community in India continues to languish in obscurity” discussed the unjust pay to Indian weavers across India.

We should promote and preserve our traditions including the delicate art of weaving. Kangana has done her bit by promoting Indian weaves, it’s our time to go out and get garments which will actually benefit the weaver. Purchase from NGO’s who’s proceeds go to them or buy from a vendor you know has been in the business for long. Let’s uplift our Indian Weavers and Indian Handloom by being विजय भव! like मणिकर्णिका : The Queen Of Jhansi.

And be fashionable at the same time of course! 😉



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