A saree comes alive when the blouse paired with it has a nice fit and a good design. It is indeed very difficult to find a good tailor now a days. But when you do, make sure to get blouses ditched in the following styles –

खोल पाठीचा ब्लाऊज / Deep Back Blouse

पान ब्लाऊज / Pan Shaped Blouse

राजस्थानी स्टाइल ब्लाऊज / Rajasthani Style Inspired Blouse

फ्रिल ब्लाऊज / Frill Blouse

बंध गडा ब्लाऊज / Close Neck Blouse

In महाराष्ट्रीयन फॅशन (Maharashtrian Fashion) simplicity is appreciated the most. Tailor made blouses are a 100% better than any readymade blouse on the market. These are my favourite 5 styles to get that “Maharashtrian look” which are in vogue always!

If you go to see, there aren’t any typical Maharashtrian blouse styles. Their shapes and sizes changed in every city according to the climate and the traditions of their community. Rich women wore more conservative looks, where as farmers and nomadic tribes wore more daring looks to beat the heat during summers and while farming.

A blouse can make or break the look. Therefore, go ahead and take a bit more effort to get that perfect मराठी (Marathi) look.

[su_note]#ProTip Use shoulder pads to give your shoulders some shape and it also serves as a cushioning for the pallu to stay put!

#ProTip Getting padding put in blouses which have deep backs and necks [/su_note]

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