Many movies and sitcoms have popularised the “Marathi Glam” or “Maharashtrian Fashion” through their larger than life stories. For instance Bajirao Mastani, Rama Madhav, Jhansi Ki Rani, Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji and many more.  Not to mention the recent growth of interest in regional content and traditions coming back to light, is preserving the beauty of our vast culture in India. All the ancient traditions are now coming in “vogue” and people are more curious to embrace their history. The same can be seen from the love showcased towards different types of jewellery including महाराष्ट्रीयन संस्कृती (Maharashtrian culture) inspired pieces. Regional craftsmanship is being appreciated. Modern take on traditional jewellery trends are making things even more exciting!

Now, महाराष्ट्रीयन संस्कृती (Maharashtrian culture) is huge as we know by now. Sure, the Kashi Bai or the Manikarnika looks have intrigued you to find out more about these glamorous pieces that you see the female protagonist adorn through out their stories. Each from a different decade, displaying a slight change or variant in the design and type of jewellery.

These authentic pieces have remained constant for decades. Be it from the रायगढ़ (Raigadh) to जहांसी and all ages – 

नथ/ Nath

कानफूल/ Kaanphool

मोती कान / Moti Kaan

बुगडी/ Bugadi

कुड्या/ Kudya Earrings

अंबाडा पिन / Ambada Pin

बाजूबंध/ Bajubandh

तोडा / Toda

पिपिचोडी बांगड्या/ Pichodi Bangels

कमरेचा पट्टा/ Kamar Patta

पैंजण / Painjan (Anklet)

जोडवी/ Jodavi

भीकबाळी/ Bhikbali for Men

Maharashtrian jewellery mainly consists of gold, diamonds, precious stones and pearls. But Marathi’s do love their मुंगा (Coral) jewellery –

Every Maharashtrian woman will tell you how synonymous मुंगा (Coral) is with महाराष्ट्रीयन दागदागिने (Maharashtrian Jewellery). A must have in your collection is what my आजी (Grandma) would say.

Sure, these pieces are quintessentials for every Maharashtrian bride and groom if you will. But these pieces, each in themselves can be worn alone as well, without the need to over compensate in the name of traditions. Fashion is your story. You tell it the way you like it. I’m here to help you get a quick glimpse into this beautiful cultural style yet to be known beyond the screens.

The juxtaposition between east meets west – Indian jewellery paired with western outfits looks fab! You can try that with each of the pieces mentioned in this collection of  मराठी फॅशन : पारंपारिक महाराष्ट्रीयन दागदागिने.

Jewellery is the finishing touch to a look and there can not be a more subtle way to enjoy and wear your culture with pride, than by wearing traditional jewellery in all its galore. Beautiful. Dignified. Effortless. Evergreen. Original.

*Images used for representative purpose, contact for credits.*