Maharashtra’s संस्कृती (Culture) is huge. According to the traditions of each generation, there is a piece of jewellery commemorating it. Traditional Maharashtrian ornaments are प्राचीन (Ancient). Made with inspiration from nature and cultural crafts. Each ornament gives has a meaning behind it, which in turn is a piece of Marathi history and culture.

This history of Maharashtrian fashion and traditions is greatly envisaged in the upcoming periodic film Manikarnika : The Queen of Jhansi based on the वीरांगना (Veerangana) – रानी लक्ष्मी बाई (Rani Laxmi Bai) – brought to life by the makers of Bahuballi and Kangana Ranaut. More than the story, the costumes and the portrayal of traditional Maharashtrian has caught my eye. Especially each frame in which Manikarnika and all the वीरांगनाएं (Veeranganas) journey of elegance, beauty and valour can be gaged by their appearance in the movie.Hence, I’m here to break it down for you first hand. The ornaments of fierce women who aren’t afraid to conquer the world and be set free from today and tomorrow.Starting from, special occasions such as wedding or puja women wear these beautiful pieces of jewellery. It is said that, the appearance of any महाराष्ट्रीयन स्त्रीचे (Maharashtrian Woman) is अपूर्ण (Incomplete) until she adorns a –

ठुशी/ Thushi (Choker)

कोल्हापुरी ठुशी / Kolhapuri Thushi

वज्रटीक / Vajratik

बेलपान वज्रटीका / Belpaan Vajratik

चंपाकळी हार / Champakali Haar

सूर्यहार / Surya Haar

लक्ष्मी हार / Lakshmi Haar

ढोलकी हार / Dholki Haar

पुतळी हार / Putali Haar

मोहन माळा / Mohan Maal

कोल्हापुरी सांझ / Kolhapuri Saaj

मंगळसूत्र / Mangalsutra (Symbol of Married Woman)

महाराष्ट्रीयन दागदागिने (Maharashtrian Jewellery) are all about layering. It is up to you to decide how many pieces do you want to layer. Or else it does get a bit too much (but in the best way possible). Each of these pieces celebrate womanhood in many glorious ways.

As you can tell by now, Maharashtrian culture is a mix of many states within Maharashtra and each state has designs peculiar to their traditions. It is quite fantastic to see so many design variants from one state itself and India is huge.

It does get expensive to get these pieces custom made, given the constant function in gold prices. But these jewellers are well known for traditional and authentic Maharashtrian Jewellery –

  • Waman Hari Pethe
  • P.N.Gadgil & Sons
  • T.B.Z

They have branches almost everywhere. I’ve a few pieces in my collection for them as well. Hence, the recommendation (no sponsorship).

[su_note]#ProTip 1. Wear your perfume before wearing your jewellery

#ProTip 2. Store these jewellery in cotton sheets inside a box[/su_note]

P.S. We aren’t done as yet. The next article completes the must have Maharashtrian/Marathi jewellery in your collection. So, slide on to the right.

^ Also I didn’t want to write about how these pieces of jewellery are made because there is already a lot of online jargon about it. I wanted to provide you all with an exclusive and exhaustive list of traditional Maharashtrian jewellery that you can have a look at one glance and decide whats going on your wishlist.

*Images used for representative purpose, contact for credits.*