Tula Pahate Re / तुला पाहते रे directed by Girish Mohite is one of my favourite shows airing on Zee Marathi Channel right now. The tag line of the show is “वय विसरायला लावणारी एक अनोखी प्रेम कहाणी” which means a unique love story that transcends age. The main onscreen couple of the show has almost 25yrs of age difference between them, one of them being a widower and to add to the drama there is a drastic societal difference between them. In short a love story between two people who are a world apart and yet are connected in some way.

I even have their channel no.1208 (on Tatasky) and timing – 8:30 pm Monday to Saturday by heart so that I never miss the show. It’s our family jam. My mom and I watch it regularly and sometimes coax our guests into watching the show even if they’ve never seen or heard or spoken/read about Marathi entertainment before in their life 😂 .

The show started airing in 2018 and I’ve been hooked ever since. This unusual cast and storyline is full of romance and thrill. The ever-growing true love between the characters of Isha and Vikrant is so enchanting and encapsulating that you don’t want to miss even a second of the storyline.

Characters of Vikrant Saranjame and Isha Nimkar are essayed seamlessly by Marathi veteran actor Subodh Bhave and debutant actress Gayatri Datar. Their chemistry is addictive. Special credit to Isha for her effortless acting. A superb job has been done by the casting director of this show. All the actors seem to be the perfect fit for their roles. Especially Isha’s Mom and Dad characters played by Gayatri Phule Thatte and Mohaniraj Gatane are stellar performances all throughout. They are extremely natural and relatable. Absolutely made for the camera. Perfect casting of Marathi TV Serial Sweethearts.

After a whole year of drama and romance, the onscreen couple are finally tieing a knot today on the third day of three days of grand wedding celebrations starting from Mehandi / मेहंदी to Sakharpuda (engagement) / साखरपुडा and finally the Vikisha wedding / लग्न later today. Yes, Isha and Vikrant are getting married in a traditional Maharashtrian ceremony and I can’t wait to decode their fashion for you all.

I’ve got a series of Marathi Fashion on my blog inspired by various traditions, stories, characters, people and entities through the different era and cinematic mediums like the upcoming movie Manikarnika – a biopic based on Rani Lakshmi Bai by actress Kangana Ranaut and much more.

Hence, it would be only fair to talk about my current favourite Marathi show which influences people in so many fabulous ways including the current Marathi/Maharashtrian Wedding Fashion.

The Bride’s Fashion / नवरीची फॅशन

Isha (the character) in her quintessential yellow Kolhapuri Silk Nauvari Saree / कोल्हापुरी सिल्क नऊवारी साडी paired with a purple embroidered shawl / शॉल looks like the ideal Maharashtrian Bride.

Her makeup although minimal with heavy eyeliner, red lips, and flushed cheeks make her look young and simple just like her character. Her hair is styled in the usual low bun with a middle parting. She dawns the signature Marathi Chandrakor Tikli / चंद्रकोर टिकली on her forehead, Mehandi / मेहंदी and green bangles / हिरव्या बांगड्या on her hands as a symbol of a married woman as per the age-old Maharashtrian traditions.

The Bridal Jewellery / नवरीचे दागिने

But what’s most interesting for me is her jewellery / दागिने and how her character has been accessorised as a bride. It says a lot about the  महाराष्ट्रीयन परंपरा (Maharashtrian Traditions) to viewers of this show. Isha has worn –

  • Maang Tika / मांग टिका
  • Mundavlya / मुंडावळ्या
  • Naath / नाथ
  • Kolhapuri Saaj / कोल्हापुरी साज
  • Thushi / ठुशी
  • Jondhali Haar Set (with earrings) / जोंधळी हार सेट (कानातल्या एअररिंग्स सकट)
  • Kanachi Vel / कानाची वेल
  • Chafekali Haar / चाफेकळी हार
  • Toda / तोडा
  • Rings / आंगठ्या
  • Kamar Patta / कमर पट्टा
  • Ambada Phool / आंबाडा फूल 

This is what a Maharashtrian Bride / महाराष्ट्रीयन नवरी traditionally looks like with every piece standing out. You can not go wrong with this. An easy look to replicate for many to-be Maharashtrian brides out there.

[su_note]#ProTip It is definitely on the more subtle and sober side of fashion trends. But if you want to jazz up the look, you can always play around with more colour, styling, and makeup perhaps. It’s your day, so make sure it looks like you and makes you happy. Go all out![/su_note]

The Groom’s Fashion & Jewellery / नवरदेवचे फॅशन आणि दागिने

Now, Vikrant (the character) on the other hand has gone for a very simple white Kurta / कुर्ता with a purple Dhoti / धोती  and an Uparni / उपर्णी.

Jewellery wise he’s has gone for Mundavlya / मुंडावळ्या and a Mohan Mala / मोहन माळा.

His character has been really dressed down for a Maharashtrian groom / महाराष्ट्रीयन नवरदेव. He could have definitely done better with styling in order to complement the aesthetics of a lavish onscreen wedding. However, his simplicity still strikes a cord with his candid smile and great acting/portrayal of his character.

All in all, they look like a couple in love and they are spot on as far as following the Maharashtrian traditions and Marathi Fashion is concerned.

Given the storyline around the famous and affluent “Saranjame” family, I was expecting a more all-out wedding style. They have fallen flat on this one. But their story helps them survive. Their production and styling team can do better 👍🏼

They may not be setting a trend with these looks but they sure do look like a real couple having a great time at their wedding. I am tuned in to see what the stories entails next.

Fashion Rating: 3/5

*Images used for representative purpose, contact for credits.*