My transition from being a makeup to skincare junkie is something which happened gradually in the best way possible. Makeup is art, you wear it and then take it off at the end of the day. Skin, on the other hand, is key because not only is it your face, your identity but it also serves as a good canvas for your makeup to be laid on. It’s your face, your skin. Irreplaceable and beautiful in its own way.

In my quest for skincare, this time I decided to order (once again) from an international website. And before I forget, I wanted to share my recent online shopping adventure with you all (Yes, I’ll also touch upon exorbitant shipping charges + Indian customs duty). 

It was my birthday and 2018 had been a life-changing year for me almost like a tornado hitting me. Hence, after all that time, I thought why not pamper myself with my great Korean skincare products as a birthday gift to myself. Mindful of the fact that these products have to work their magic and last me long. 

Even though I’m experimental with skincare, I know my boundaries. My skin loves hydration, rich ingredients, no paragons preferably and most importantly, complimentary to my combination skin type (no zits please!).

Review – Shopping from


I discovered this website through YouTube and general reviews online on blog posts. I’ve previously placed multiple orders with them to be delivered to Mumbai and London.

Back then Korean 11 step skincare routine was becoming a global trend and because of which, like every other woman I was made to want those 11 products. Marketing does the trick you know!

Anyhow, I discovered this website and started placing big orders containing serums, essence, treatment, sheet masks, eye cream, and moisturizers. 🐌 Snails were ruling my skincare world. Quite literally.

Very happy with the orders. Everything arrived fully intact with 3-4 weeks time in shipping. Finally, those products were well loved and were finished in time. The products worked. Also, I had recently started appreciating my skin a little more and get into a routine for skin care, which amplified the results and my skin was looking good.

All in all, everything I chose yielded my desired skincare results.

Shipping Experience – 2018

Cut to 2018 – I placed an order for the following products:

In addition to all the product costs, I also paid shipping charges for the courier to be sent from South Korea to Mumbai using EMS: Total:  My courier arrived on 7th of December, 2018 after dispatch on 22nd of November, 2018 (Order placed on 19/11/2018 as seen above) post all the customs a headache ie. 33 days/more than a month for delivery with EMS.

Final Review

This is perhaps the last time I’ve ordered from beautynetkorea. In $85 USD total cost + customs duty = the value of the courier almost crossed $100 USD. Is it worth it? Maybe not. Beautynetkorea although an easy website to navigate through, it does get overwhelming looking at all the products not knowing what to get.

It was astonishingly an underwhelming experience for me; which could have been much better given the exclusion of extreme shipping charges and customs duty. This process doubles up the value of your courier from the original cost inclusive of only the products price. Back then in 2015 with my previous orders, they did not charge for shipping beyond the purchase of a certain price. Regardless, the products arrived intact.

There are other websites too like and more that you can order from. But again the whole shipping charges and customs just throw you under the bus. Now that many Korean brands have come to India, I’d recommend to shop from here or straight away get a ticket to South Korea, get what you want (for phenomenally cheap prices) and have a fab vacation simultaneously.

Overall Experience Rating – : 2/5

My Review Of Korean Skin Care Products Bought Through

Have you had any such encounters? Do share.