My mom and me were out on a hunt to get our passport size photographs clicked. Only after enjoying this years 20th edition of Kala Ghoda Art Festival in South Bombay. 

I was actually attending the festival after 5 years and it felt like going down my memory lane. Although this years edition did not live up to the mark for me, the art installations continued to be a hit amongst art-admirers. Few of the art installations were beautiful courtesy of the artists vision/stories behind each of them. I managed to click a few pictures and thought of sharing them with you’ll to use as wallpapers –

We quickly got done with the art festival and headed towards Colaba. Walking, chatting and enjoying the cool winds of Mumbai. I was actually looking to buy some footwear for myself from Hush Puppies, Colaba. But I did not find anything that caught my eye. Hence, I continued walking at Colaba Causeway hoping to stumble upon something I like. 

But just one or two stores after Hush Puppies was Miniso! I immediately stopped and was pleasantly surprised to discover this store here in Sobo. I think it is one of their first ever branches in South Mumbai because I had never come across any of their stores earlier on.

Anyway, it’s been a year since I’ve been hearing about Miniso – a Japanese designer brand and how fantastically well it is doing in India. My friends and family are obsessed with them. They’ve already created so much anticipation in my mind for this cute-affordable-all-things-store that the moment I saw the store, I quickly jumped right in and grabbed myself and mom a shopping basket to get started with some fun! 

Review of Miniso Store at Colaba Causeway

First Impression: Small, Cute and Modern Store

When I entered the store, it was already filled with customers. I was welcomed with the beauty counter and then followed with knick knacks like travel pillows, candles, tech accessories, bags, utensils etc. I could tell that they are catering to the new market of providing “all things handy” which are used on day to day basis. On asking the store attendant, I was informed that the store was only a month old and no wonder I hadn’t seen it before.

Their USP: Cute colourful current product designs, affordable pricing (not cheap) and 15 days return policy (conditions apply)

I did get attracted to their products and how “cute” they were. The reason why the word “cute” comes repeatedly to my mind when talking about Miniso is their USP and they’ve clearly marketed themselves with this concept in mind for the customers. 

Although Miniso is marketed as a “Japanese designer brand”, most of their products are “made in China”. And Japanese/Chinese products usually tend to look cute. That’s how it is even when you travel to these countries or order any “typical” Japanese/Chinese products online. Cutesy-compact products for youngsters and anyone who looking for instagram worthy products/props.

Shopping experience: I went inside the store with no expectations really… I just went on looking and put whatever I liked in my basket. But I’ll tell you one thing, I had no plans of shopping for any of these goodies. However, I landed up shopping and exploring the store for good 45mins – 1hr. I was just so excited to see whats all this “Miniso” hype all about. And there I was. Sucked into it. Oblivious of want I really wanted and just went on a fun-accidental shopping spree. I bought myself –

  • Miniso Aloe Moist Hydrating CC Cream – Shade 03 Warm Nude for Rs.490/- (Incl. of all taxes) : This one adapts to your skin tone and colour corrects any scars/blemishes. It was the closest one to my skin colour and rest of them were giving me a white overcast. I don’t use any CC or BB creams. However, I wanted to give this a go as it seemed the best out of their make-up lot for me. Also, Made in Korea product surprisingly. So thats good!
  • Whitening Sunscreen SPF25PA++ for Rs.350/- (Incl. of all taxes) : They had only two variants in sunscreen – SPF 20 and this one. I only bought it because it gives more sun protection and not for its whitening properties. The consistency seemed good and hydrating.
  • Perfect Skin Facial Cleanser for Rs.490/- (Incl. of all taxes) : This is a great cleanser for day to day purposes. I liked the consistency and was able to remove all sorts of makeup off my skin. No residue left behind.
  • Memory Foam U-shaped Pillow (Orange) for Rs.490/- (Incl. of all taxes) : This was the 1st thing I bought. Super comfortable and in great shades+variety. Just get yourself one. We all need it with our constant travels. At least, I do.
  • 8-pieces Colorful Travelling Bottle Set for Rs.190/- (Incl. of all taxes) : A must have for me. I travel so very often. Every alternate weekend and I need my toiletries in place. This does the job for me.
  • Fountain Pen (Black Barrel) for Rs.190/- (Incl. of all taxes) : I’m a stationery junkey. Hence, this one had to come in my cart.
  • Eyebrow Razors*3pcs for Rs.150/- (Incl. of all taxes) : Yes! Finally I don’t need to run around to find tinkle razors and can use these ones. They are the usual razors but of good quality and sturdy grip. You can even bend the blade and store the razor with out any additional cap.
  • USB Charging Cable With Lightning Connector for Rs.690/- (Incl. of all taxes) : This one is for my mom (and me). I’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve lost our cable or it stopped working or someone just took it thinking it’s theirs. Absolute madness. We just needed one so we got it.
  • Medium Folding Mirror for Rs.250/- (Incl. of all taxes) : Ah! This one is one of my exciting buys. I personally prefer this three sided mirror, which gives you an all around look of your face. The quality of the mirror was good and compact.

Total Amount Spent: Rs.3,290/- (Incl. of all taxes)

P.S. I also wanted to pick up the aroma candles, sunglasses and some extra bits too. Perhaps on my next visit to their bigger store (assuming that they’ll have a bigger and better collection).
*I haven’t tried the products yet. On a later date, after trail and error I’ll add my product experience here in below. I’m reserving my judgement until then.

But, I do have to mention this that on speaking to others buyers/shoppers in store about their recommendations for a 1st time Miniso buyer like me… they recommended car fresheners, perfumes, socks and bags. However, I didn’t land up buying any of them because I didn’t need them. But, you sure can explore.

Customer Rating: 4/5 – I was happy with my over all experience and the staff in particular at the Miniso, Colaba store were extremely helpful (shout out to the girls working there!)

Recommend visiting the store: YES

There you go. My quick Miniso haul. I do see myself trying more products from their store in the near future. But I’m not sure, if its going to call it a “staple” or my “go-to” store as yet. Lets wait and watch for my experience/review of the products and then gage where we are at accordingly.

Enjoy Shopping!