After living in London for almost 4 years, winter has become a part of me. Mumbai doesn’t really enjoy true winters, but here’s what makes my winter special in my city!

Mumbai winters means binging on –

Fresh strawberries

It is the season for fresh strawberries! I literally go crazy when I go to Crowfort Market to buy them in bulk. I instantly feel the urge to go to Mahabaleshwar and hand pick strawberries from the farms. Alas, Mumbai has to do for now.

Custard apple

An all-time favorite seasonal fruit. The best apple produce you get in the entire year. Perfect for milkshakes and full of nutrients!


This is themithaiof the season. Gajakis made from sesame seeds, jiggery and a host of other things! It’s the winter version of chikki. Absolutely worth the try. Sweet and wonderful.

Gajar ka halwa

If there is one vegetable that grows in abundance in winter is carrots. Gajar ka halwacannot taste any better than it does in the winters. Mouth watering. Every Indian household staple. Easy to make.

Gondh ke ladoo

My nanifirst introduced me to Gondh ke ladooand I’ve been addicted since. These gum ladoosare full of love and amazing flavours that just make you feel so warm. The beauty of these ladoos is in their simplicity and centuries of recipe passed on from generation to generation.

Methi Bhajiya

Wow. Garma garam methi bhajiyawith saunth ki teekhi-meethi chutney. Mind blowing. Try getting making it at home and have it along with adhrak ki chai. Trust me, you’ll be in a parallel universe.


The traditional Gujarati dish which is a mix of all winter produce together with chunks of muthiya. It tastes like a burst of flavours in your mouth. Unique. Filling.

Bathua paratha

Bathuais such an exceptional vegetable, filled with goodness that you can only have in winters. It does not grow otherwise. Bathuais from the spinach family. You use it the way you’d use spinach. However, Bathua’sunique taste is always complimented in parathas, raitaand dal. Yummy!

Sarson da saag and Makke di roti

Sarson da saag and Makke di rotiare made for each other. Nothing tastes like it. Just add white butter, gurand gajar mirch ka aacharto enjoy it at the fullest. And then, you are pretty much set to have the best meal of this season.


Kaanji is a drink made from fermenting black carrots with mustard seeds. Its sour, salty and appetising! Best paired with heavy winter delicacies, like Sarson da saag and Makke di rotiare.

Ukala/Masala Milk

Enjoying masala milk in winters is a must. You can make the masala at home or easily buy it from the market. A warm cup ofUkalais the drink of comfort you are looking for.

These 10 are a must for you to try this winter. Go out with your family and friends and enjoy the holidays the desiway.

#ProTip if you get your hands on nicely toasted whole peanuts from a roadside vendor, enjoy it with some black salt in hand. It’s amazing.

#ProTip Makai ka bhutta with chaat masala and butter.

H E A V E N!

#ProTip You have to have Bhari hui laal mirch ka achar in winter. The best companion to any dish. Name and you’ll see it.



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