I don’t know about you guys, but online shopping is something I occasionally enjoy. Especially when I’m not willing to get out of my bed.

I was on a long-term hunt to find a perfect humidifier for myself. All the way from London to Mumbai. You’ll actually be fascinated by the shapes and sizes they come in.

Aromatherapy works wonders for me. The whole idea of calming my nerves and unwinding after a long day at work is something I really look forward to. You can call it’s my “me time”.

I’ve tried may aroma diffusers to humidifiers and by far, the latter takes the cake for me! Humidifiers have this visual magic about them, which makes them look super cool. The humidifying system enables aroma to spread evenly across rooms over a longer period of time. All you need is – water and a few drops of aroma oil. It then converts the water into smooth steam, which gets diffused in the air while filtering through a nozzle. Making it an easy to breath and no overpowering fragrance.

#ProTip Always buy a humidifier as per the size of your room. Something like mine would be ideal for a small one bedroom/office. Whereas if you need intend to have for a larger room you need to get a 1ltr+ size humidifier. Bigger room = more water capacity humidifier = maximum impact.

Like any other Indian woman I enjoy my budget shopping. Prior to which, I always do my research, compare costs and features before finalising on a product. Especially when we are talking about home décor items.

And thats when AmazonIN came through with –

Leeonzi 130mL Wood Grain Humidifier


A perfect size humidifier for my office and home with an exciting touchscreen feature. I bought it in the colour – Code:006 Dark Brown for Rs.850/- with no extra shipping cost. Placed the order on 2ndof December 2018 and received the delivery on 5thof December 2018.

*Note – This item only comes with a usb and no plug. Although it would have been nice to have one.

Experience: The delivery was good, with product and packaging intact. Simple instruction manual.

At the offset I was a bit apprehensive because of the “made in china” tag. But to my surprise, it actually works just fine. Looking chic. Minimalistic features. Touchscreen.

When turned ON, the multi-colour LED lights create the perfect ambiance. The aroma of orange and clove oil converts my room into a spa ! Candle light, soft sitar music playing in the background and resting cozy is my sport while sipping on a glass of chilled rose milk! Aaah! That’s all I need.

#ProTip The perfect mood companion any therapy.

Zero to 100% relaxed is what I’ve achieved, time for you to experience it as well. Submerge your senses and let go.

TheनारीFactor Rating: 8/10

*Images used for representative purpose, contact for credits.*