If you are vintage scooter/scooty lover or belong to a classic scooter club, then you will know what I am talking about!

Well, lets take a flashback shall we? 

Rewind to 12th September, 2019

Today I hardly rode for 45 mins or so. I was super exhausted after attending Mount Mary Festival but still wanted to ride the scooty. I was riding my handy dandy Hero Duet with G. This time around the bike was just moving to the left. Every time i rode, it was tilting to the left even though I wasn’t doing that intentionally. I was trying to maintain my balance and posture. However, tonight was all about my just moving to the left for some strange reason.

But, I learnt how to take turns on road. How to gentaly turn the bike to take left or right and how to slow the scooter when nearing a speed break and then going full throttle to get the bike going. Speed is essential to maintain the balance I feel, otherwise the scooter tends to wobbly. Today I was learning to throttle and ride in crowded spaces. However, G was maintaining the check on speed and safety. He has always got my back!

Due to Ganpati Visarjan today, half the roads were blocked and everyone was celebrating on the streets! It was so much fun. We also took a spin at Girgaon Chowpatty in that insane crowd because I just wanted to see all the magnificent idols of Gannu. I love this fest! Brings so much joy to me. Love it.

Any how, getting back to riding. We went to Balard Estate and rode around Bharat Petroleum Bhavan on empty roads to work on my riding skills. It gets exhausting while jumping in potholes as you learn riding. My butt and hands were hurting. But we made it through! I was enjoying the thrill of learning something new.

I rode for a while and then headed home. Tonight’s lesson no.2 was fun! It taught me the seriousness of riding. Responsible and good riding.

13th September, 2019 till Today 24th of September, 2019

I’ve been having my riding lessons with G, whenever we get the time. It always tends to be in late evening or night, because of the empty roads and also the fact that we have free time after getting done with work. An hour or two of riding G’s Hero Duet at our all time favourite Ballard Estate route from Kalaghoda and then crossing Old Customs House. Finally we end with a last spin at marine drive.

My riding update: My balance is good. Once I’ve found my momentum, I ride comfortably. However, dodging potholes and taking turns is still very scary and dangerous to me. But, we shall pass this fear too. My teacher, G, says I’m very good at giving indications. But, I cant stop my scooty with my finger tips on the break.. the scooter won’t stop on its own, he says! Haha. Yes. I’m learning… I’ll get better. I promise 🙂

I believe, we have a riding class scheduled for today as well. I’m slightly unwell, but G said he will hopefully try to make it early from work. Soon. “Soon-er” he says.. .

Cut To Now – 4:58pm of 24th of September, 2019

Scooters are synonymous to freedom for me. Since I’ve begun to learn, understand and enjoy riding a scooty, I’ve started noticing scooters more often than usual and have also started doing research and getting into their specifics. Naturally, cause I want to get a scooter of my own and it’s always better off knowing all the details when you are a first time scooter buyer. Especially, coming from A girl who’s never driven anything but a car, wants to get a Lambretta or a Vespa? there is clearly a type I have in mind for my first scooter.

During my scooty rides and learning lessons, I came across two very unique looking vintage scooters. One looked like a Lambretta to me, but when I asked G, he said it was a Bajaj Chetak and the other one was Bajaj Priya. Both well maintained and in good use from what I could see. They both looked so spacious, full metal body, sturdy, decent storage and one of their single seater side-car looked really comfortable too. What-te-beautie! This is what actually started my love affair with Bajaj Chetak of Buland Bharat.

Interesting enough, many millennials are oblivious to the concept and the beauty of these vintage scooters. Their machine, their Italian design, their longevity is unmatched even now. I bet, many of you’ll don’t even know about Bajaj Chetak or Bajaj Priya. Most people are familiar with Piaggio Vespa but not with these beauties. So, I thought why not take you’ll on a journey where I try to choose between a Bajaj Chetak, Lambretta and a Piaggio Vespa – which one should I wait for? Are they launching anytime soon? Whats the comparison? Why these? Let’s find out all these details in my next blog post.

Upcoming Bajaj Chetak, Lambretta or Piaggio Vespa, Which One Should I Wait For?


[su_note] Disclaimer: Ride/drive safe and at your own risk. Kindly adhere to – THE MOTOR VEHICLES (AMMENDMENT) ACT, 2019 passed by the Indian Parliament in August, 2019. [/su_note]

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