11th of September, 2019

Today I learnt how to ride a scooty for the 1st time in my life on a Hero Duet!

I had gone for the 10:30pm show of Saaho starring Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor @ Sterling Cinema in Fort, Mumbai. The show got over at 1:30am today. Quite the movie to say the least!

Short Movie Review of Saaho:

Prabhas looked handsome and his Telugu accent in Hindi was ever so funny + cute at the same time. He’s a hardcore hero. Shraddha, on the other hand I felt was a misfit for the movie. But she did her best. More than her acting, I liked the gowns and dresses she wore in typical Yash Raj – Heroin dancing between snow clad mountains in Enni Soni. I want all of those pieces and also what she wore in this song called Baby Won’t You Tell Me. It was a big budget film of course, with a good cast with Jackie Shroff, Chunky Panday, Arjun Vijay, Mandira Bedi and many more. playing good meaty roles. All the shooting done in UAE, Romania and Austria looks stunning. Especially the music cinematography.
Lot of money put in and that can be seen form the visuals itself. However, the story with its multiple twists and turns made it non-enjoyable towards the end. Action packed romantic movie, Yes. But story line? Confusing. There are Wow! moments but also Uh, What? moments too (more of the later).

Final Verdict: Nice, worth a watch only for Prabhas. This one is for all the Prabhas fans out there. He has dubbed the movie himself, so that authentic touch of his remains. Three hours for a movie in today’s day and age is a crucial waste of time. Little did I know the movie was this long I would have gone for some other movie/earlier show. Go with time on your hands kids! Keep your brain at the bay and enjoy the movie!

First Riding Lesson:

This image is purely decorative. Kindly wear a helmet while riding and diligently follow traffic rules.
This image is purely decorative. Kindly wear a helmet at all times while riding and diligently follow the traffic rules.

I waked out of the theatre in half in my sleep, yawning away to glory and with a frozen nose (3 hours of aircon in a movie does that to me, chills!) And when I walked out I saw G’s scooty (G is the lovely friend who’s scooty I’m learning to ride).

I wanted to ride it and don’t know how that thought came into my mind. I just asked him if I could ride it and he ever so kindly agreed.

Obviously we reached a safe spot, with empty big roads and then started my ridding lesson. Before I began, today I had a taste of sitting in front of the rider and enjoying a mini scooty ride (like how children sit in front?) it was fun! Just to get rid of my inhibitions I suppose. Been a car driver all my life… I was schooled by my father to never even sit on a bike, let alone ride one! Haha! He wouldn’t be very happy after reading this post. 

But, before I share my journey with you’ll today I definitely want to start off by saying that driving and riding our two complete different experiences all together. I could feel it today. Cars are secure and comfortable. Whereas, bikes are open, fun and fully dependant upon the rider to take charge in all aspects.

To be honest, I see so many women, young girls and old women ride scooters it’s absolutely amazing to watch. I find them so cool! So powerful to say the least. The feasibility and convenience of a scooter for running errands or reaching office quickly or just escaping mad Mumbai traffic and actually finding a parking spot to reach somewhere on time is fab! It’s just so much quicker.
Disclaimer: Not when it rains of course, but any other time is good. So much fun! Wind blowing and just living free. 

So today I actually took the plunge. I did! After insane contemplation, today out of no where I just rode a bike for the first time and guess what? I LOVED IT. It was scary but so much fun! The joy of starting something new? That’s what I felt! Just the difference was that it happened at 1:45am at night. Lol! Not the ideal time I suppose? But who cares! 

First Riding Lesson Experience:

So first session.. was very spontaneous. Rode from Bombay Highcourt to Marine Drive to Marinelines and so on. Roughly drove for a good hour and a half. Later stopped cause “L” for learning wasn’t put up on the scooty and I didn’t want to get caught unnecessarily because I’m yet to apply for my two wheeler license. First I’ll learn and then apply. Got to pass the riding test after all. Anyhow, it was a wobbly ride with moments of stability and full of fun! I was just enjoying so much.

Riding a scooty is all about balance, the accelerator throttle and breakers mainly. Rest all is just an add on. It’s all about riding the bike with the control of my wrist and posture. Not shoulders, not stiff arms, not stiff posture but relaxed body and mind. I did have a few hiccups in between the ride, but over all it was fantastic I’d say.

I suddenly woke up from my sleep when I started riding and it was worth it! G was super supportive and encouraging like a wonderful teacher and more so ever as an incredible friend. The thing about learning how to ride with a friend/confidant is always easier I feel. I felt I was in safe hands as a new learner.

While riding the bike I could feel my inhibitions go and that felt so liberating! Although it was for a short while, I loved it. I truly enjoyed it and I can’t wait for my next session. 

Lambretta or Piaggio Vespa?
My dilemma as a 1st time buyer 🛵

P.S. I’ve always wanted a scooter and if I were to ever buy one, it would only either of these stunning Italian designs!

Lambretta on the other hand, takes me back to Goa Portuguese travels. So comfortable, classic and old school really. Moving around the city, enjoying wilderness, vintage homes, the beautiful quaint lives of hustling Goa. So much fun! It is such an iconic scooter yet again. Retro. Stylish. History dating back to being manufactured in India. Just celebrated their 70th anniversary I suppose.

Vespa reminds me of my life in London, my travels across Europe and so many fond memories. It’s iconic! The signature classic look is so beautiful that its like going down memory lane. They’ve already crossed 72 years of legacy! Legendary. Relevant. Timeless.

They both are a very distinct taste. But classic. Their style, feel and performance are at par with each other. I love them both equally. Being a 90’s child and an oldie at heart, this had to happen. I’m sure it isn’t coming as a surprise to you guys, cause I pretty much am old school with all my habits… including my writing.

Vespa is launched in India. However, I’m waiting for Lambretta to be launched here too and then make a choice. I here that they may be launching in Feb, 2020. So lets see.

Here is an interesting article by The New European – Lambretta versus Vespa: The two Italian scooter tribes that took over the world. Read it to find out more about these incredible brands.

Piaggio Vespa and Me, Come Face to Face After Watching Saaho!

Once we arrived at Sterling Cinema and parked the bike, I saw two Vespas right there. One was a red Vespa Urban Club 125 and the other one was a white limited edition Vespa SXL 125. I touched their seat to see how comfortable they were and also the back rest for the person sitting behind is perfect. Plenty of storage and I could even see meter display clearly. They both looked so cool! Honestly, I love at first sight! The 125cc engine (Aprilia, one of the best scooters uses the same engine), the look, the everything – Piaggio you legend!


I’m still deciding which one to get. Am I better off getting a Vespa or should I wait for Lambretta as only few months are left for 2020.

But let’s get our hands dirty and rough first, before we have the ride of our lives! Hai na? Cool. Common on this journey with me and let’s explore! 

Here’s to living vicariously and enjoying small things like riding a bike in your late 20’s for the first time in your life

Vrrruuummmm – Lets Full Throttle Baby!

[su_note] Disclaimer: Ride/drive safe and at your own risk. Kindly adhere to – THE MOTOR VEHICLES (AMMENDMENT) ACT, 2019 passed by the Indian Parliament in August, 2019. [/su_note]
[su_note] Click here to know the important changes applicable to all Indian Citizens starting from 1st of September, 2019. [/su_note]

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