It is funny how we women are always in a quest to find that perfect shade or the perfect texture & feel when it comes to buying lipsticks. Yes, lipstick is like the quint essential makeup, which just lifts up your face in no time. It adds that zhuzz.. that finishing touch which never fails to perform.It makes your smile light up by a 1000 Watts. 

However, with so many lipstick brands from across the globe and umpteen number of launch every season; it gets difficult to find a lipstick, which could be your staple ie. your go-to-lipstick. 

Ever so often I get asked, which lipstick do you use? What do you look for? Do they really last? And MOST IMPORTANTLY – Which are your go to lipsticks and why?

So, I thought why not creative a comprehensive article that answers all these questions and also talk about my current obsession – L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipsticks.

Here we go –

Which lipsticks do you use?

I can’t possibly list down all of them, however currently I’m switching between
Nykaa Matte To Last ! Liquid Lipstick in Madras Kaapi 05 and Rukmini 22, Colorbar Nude It Lip Color in Drape and L’Oreal Paris lipsticks (names towards the end of this blog).

What do you look for?

Depends. It completely is based on the look that I’m going for that day/event. I usually gravitate towards moisturizing lipsticks and matte lipsticks. I like the traditional wax lipsticks as opposed to liquid lipsticks, purely because it’s a hassle to apply them. Getting the lines right, drying out lips and what not. That constant feeling of having something on the lips or having stained lips. Damn! But, if there are liquid lipsticks that I like, they 100% tick all the boxes right.

Well, to cut it short… I essentially look for –

  1. Trust worthy brand
  2. Moisturizing/Non-drying formula
  3. Lip Hue/ Colour Pigmentation 
  4. Easy to apply 
  5. One-swipe pay-off
  6. Comfortable packaging to use
  7. Non-staining formula 
  8. Easy to remove
  9. Compact size 
  10. Value for money

That’s it. Nice and easy right? I know. Lol!

Do lipsticks really last?

Honestly? There can not be a generic answer to this questions. It’s all about trial and error. Now a days brands try to be transparent and mention the longevity of their products. Some of them are long lasting over 5 Hrs + and some are totally dependent upon your next meal. It’s really upto you. Your preference is key. Just do the trial before buying them and don’t totally depend upon reviews. If not, go for it. Order online and enjoy!

I prefer both – a variety of moisturizing and long lasting matte lipsticks. Depending upon the occasion, of course. 

Which are your go-to lipsticks and why?

You know, it is strange but I’ve never had my go-to lipsticks till now. I never gravitated towards the same colour, same lipstick from the same brand and repurchased it ever. Not yet at least. However, this notion of mine changed. 

You know, the lipsticks have to be my DREAM LIPSTICKS in order for me to call them by go-to lipsticks. They have to tick all the boxes I have and make me feel like a million bucks! So here they were.. right under my nose and I never paid attention until NOW –

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Matte Lipsticks


I never found the perfect red in my life. All these over-hyped products like Ruby Woo and what-not have never worked for me. Given my unique Indian skin tone, I always wanted a colour that would have the perfect formula to make me glow. 

I must have tried multiple brands, but never been satisfied. However, as festive season is on going right now I wanted to treat myself. Get me a gorgeous red lipstick, which would complement many looks. I went to the trusty youtube, to check out some beauty videos and I came across an Ad celebrating new collaboration of L’Oreal Paris X Sabyasachi Color Riche Lipsticks.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looked like a dream in the Ad shot in Paris. I went and checked out the lipstick she was wearing and it was their new launch of L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipsticks. She was wearing 263 Pure Garnet – the richest raspberry-plum colour I’ve ever seen. S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.


I went to Myntra and Nykaa to buy that lipstick. Although it wasn’t red, I checked out other shades in the collection and landed up order 4 lipsticks in total. Three out of the four are vibrant colours and one is a subtle everyday colour. 

I had high expectations given the ad and review about these lipsticks online. But, I had to check them for myself and this is what I found –

Packaging: Standard L’Oreal Paris plastic packaging, with black leather texture on it. Makes it look rich and classy I feel. Better than some of the shades in L’Oreal Paris X Balmain Color Riche Lipsticks collection too. 

Colour range: Vast colour range. Every possible hue you can think of! However, Sabyasachi x L’Oreal Paris only includes a few lipstick shades and few other products.

Colour pay-off: Highly pigmented! One Stroke Wonder! Even if you don’t line your lips, you are fine. 

Texture/Finish: Moisturising Matte Finish

Feel of the product: Very moisturising

Longevity of the product: Average. Depending on your next meal. But, looks like a dream when on!

Fragrance: Yes. Subtle fragrance.

Cost: Rs.500/- each (discounts?)

Value for money: YES. A resounding YES!

These lipsticks are easily available anywhere and I love the fact that they are so accessible. A high-street brand like L’Oreal Paris have really out done themselves with this formula. I am literally in awe and I couldn’t believe myself that this is a L’Oreal Paris product. Anyhow, lets look at the shades I bought –

202 Maple Mocha

240 Crimson En Scene

238 Rouge Defilie & 263 Pure Garnet

238 ROUGE DEFILIE & 263 PURE GARNET – I haven’t opened them yet because I haven’t found an occasion to wear them till now. However, I’ll share pictures of they look in due course of time. Keep up with @KacchiKairi on Instagram.

Final Verdict: I love them. I love their pigmentation and how wonderfully moisturised they leave my lips. They compliment my skin tone like no other (MAC NC40-42). I am super happy that I’ve finally found my favourite RED and more. I hope you find yours too!

Score: 5/5

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I’ve spent my hard earned coin on them 🙂