KIKO Milano is a Spanish Company. I first discovered them during my college trip to the U.S.A. for Harvard MUN. I came across their stores at New York and also bought some products off Sephora Store. However, this was long back in 2012. 

It was when I moved to London in 2014, that I started using their products on regular bases. They have this fantastic huge store at Oxford Circus, right where Regent Street begins. My university was just around the corner; hence I would land up shopping a lot at KIKO. Not to mention they are everywhere in London too. 

Writing about KIKO is like going down memory lane for me. They’ve always had incredible offers in their stores. I was absolutely in love with their melted eye shadows, nail paints, pigments and oh! their skincare too. Using my NUS student card and Uniday’s ID, I would always have that extra 10-15% discount in hand. The joy of student life! 

Anyhow, KIKO Milano have recently launched in India. It must have been only couple of years since they’ve entered the Indian market. But I can see that they’ve made their presence felt. 

Not many people know about KIKO yet. They don’t do heavy marketing and quite frankly, their product quality is top notch. They don’t need to overpublicize themselves. Buyers like me, have been loyal to them for years together. 

Never had break outs, never had any issues with the products + they are a cruelty free brand and that makes me happy! 

My recent KIKO haul is of my staples/basics. They never fail to perform and have been on my repurchase list for a while now. So let’s dive into the what’s HOT from KIKO Milano Cosmetics –

  1. Everlasting Kajal – Crayon Yeux in No.01 for Rs.650/-
    Review: Tear-proof, long lasting and jet black. No mess, nothing. Can be used for creating a smoky eye look in a jiffy! All you need is a brush and smudge the kajal.
  2. Glitter Eyeliner in No.01 for Rs.790/-
    Review: Makes your eyes sparkle! I love it. The perfect addition for the extra pazaz.
  3. Smart Colour Eyeshadow in No.13 for Rs.290/-
    Review: Its a peachy-pink matte eyeshadow. Ideal for daily wear. Gives that flush of colour to your eyes. Mixup your blush as the base eyeshadow and put this eyeshadow as the top coat. You are good to go!
KIKO Milano Cosmetics ©KacchiKairi

Radiant Touch – Creamy Stick Highlighter in No.101 for Rs.1,190/-
Review: A pink cool-toned highlighter. No glitter flex in this. Gives a very tradition, smooth, pearly finish. Works beautifully as a glistening highlighter.

  1. Smart Fusion Lip Pencil in No.522 for Rs.290/-
    Review: A pigmented dark raspberry colour. Perfect for lining your tips for a sexy look.
  2. Unlimited Double Touch – Liquid Lip Colour in No.109 for Rs.1,190/-
    Review: My holy grail lipstick – transfer-proof, smudge-proof, waterproof, meal proof and super duper pigmented! Survived 3 meals easily. The lipstick stays on and doesn’t budged. The gloss just gives that extra hydration and glossy look when you need it. Mind you, it doesn’t make your lips sticky or anything.
    This colour is also that raspberry colour perfect for a night out or special occasion. I don’t have to worry to go and touch up my lipstick ever with this one. LOVE IT!
  3. Smart Fusion Lipstick in No.430 for Rs.390/-
    Review: Hydration and super moisturising lipstick. This is that perfect purple undertone raspberry lipstick. It looks lovely on my skin (I’m MAC NC40-42). The stay power of this lipstick is good enough. After a meal it fades of to looking like a tint. Tastes like vanilla and smells even more divine. I enjoy wearing this baby! One swipe pigment and no chapped lips. Yay!

Total Amount Spent – Rs.4,790/- for seven products, including taxes.

All in all, these products are my personal favourite and continue to be so. There has been no formula change over the years with these products. They are still compact and easy to carry in my purse. Luxury and good products on a budget.

So there you have it guys! KIKO Milano Cosmetics Haul!

Go ahead and try out these bad boys and leave me your feedback.