Hey ladies, 

This one is for you!

Periods/Chums/Menstrual Cycle, name it what you like is one of the endless cycles of a woman’s life (or so we believe it to be). It’s important. A symbol of creation. 

But, each one of us, invariably, has a different experience each month when our biological clock starts ticking. And somehow, it is never the same. 

Sometimes it does get too painful to stand up and carry on with our days like Superwomen! 

So what do we do?

Here are my tips, which have actually worked for me and I also managed to stay away from unnecessary allopathic medicines. I wanted to share these home remedies cause I see so many of my female friends, just gulping a paracetemol or some other medicine for cramps as their first instinct – instant relief. Well sometimes its ok. But as a default setting? May be not. 

It’s not worth taking allopathic meds when we’ve got everything we need at home, in our kitchen and in our food? It’s easier on our body, easier on our digestive system and full of good nutrients for a change. 

For instance –

  • Drink lots of water. And that tip of having hot water with a slice of lemon in the morning? Actually works wonders. 

  • We loose a lot of water and get dehydrated during chums. Hence, it’s best to munch on some lovely succulent fruits like watermelon, berries, oranges or any seasonal fruit. Eat the actual fruit, instead of store bought fruit juice.

  • Papaya is an all season miracle worker! Especially during periods for nutritional benefits

  • Avocados, banana and prunes have “Boron” a mineral which helps in calcium and phosphorus absorption. Reducing intensity and length of the menstrual cycle. Therefore an avocado toast or a banana milkshake (with no sugar) should be on your grub list. 

  • Enjoy some chamomile/peppermint tea. It’s soothing on the stomach and relaxing for the nerves too. Caffeine-free ginger/mint/lemongrass tea is wonderful too. 

  • Dairy products like fruit yoghurt or home made yoghurt/curd are also very soothing during periods. Perhaps don’t forget to consume them during this time of the month?

  • Haldiwala Doodh aka. Tumeric Milk helps ease cramps! It is scientifically proven and not to mention its amazing effect on our skin, retention of calcium and other nutritional benefits. Add some Kesar, dryfruit shavings, elaichi (cardamom) and sabja (basil seeds) to actually cool your body while you enjoy your glass of masala milk

  • My nutritionist told me that we lose a lot of iron from our body during chums. Hence, this is the best time to put all the good nutrients back from the blood loss by having green leafy vegetables like spinach, laal maath and much more. 

  • Flaxseeds contain omega-3 acids, which is an antioxidant that reduces swelling and inflammation. Sprinkle some on fruit salads or make parathas/pancakes with flaxseeds in them to get the crunch. Now a days flaxseed powders are also available. Perfect addition in smoothies or just however you like it. 

  • Avoid spicy, heavy and junk food. Avoid eating bread too perhaps? Just normal ghar ka khana or simpler “cooked” food when in chums. Raw food is not your best friend during this time.

  • Also try avoiding food which is hot for your body eg. Methi or non-vegetarian food. Make sound choices when out for meals. 

No alcohol of course. 

Home made ghee ke ladoos are always a good binge.

P.S. Rubbing essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender and sage oil on our stomach, makes our periods easier. Try it!

If none of this works, then perhaps go for your allopathic meds. It’s just that in today’s world it is so easy to get a medicine off the counter and gulp it down with water. We don’t realise that these meds are not natural; they are laboratory created and are “externally” sourced/created through formulas that trick our body to function in a certain way. So before conveniently going to a pharmacy and getting meds, may be try home remedies?

Especially we as women, tend to take our body for granted. We really do. It is a fact – blatant truth. Whether a workingwoman or a housewife or a teenage college going girl, meds seem to be our first resort. 

I just want to bring my readers and everyone else back to home remedies. They are more effective in the long run and are easily available. Also, it’s a better way of fine-tuning our body with natural fruits and products. 

For a second, I would even sit back and take some time for myself when I’m uncomfortable or in pain during chums. But I try, I try to avoid meds. A conscious decision for self-care. This is my method. I’m not suggesting you do the same and this would be the right decision for you. You make your choice.

However, think twice before what you put in your body during chums. Anyway we are loosing blood, body is bloated, hormones all over the place and on top of that to keep working. We may be superwomen in our own right, but we too have to take care of ourselves first. 

Take a moment, enjoy some amazing food, do yoga, ask your partner to massage your back and feet or just take some time to yourself. Probably, even get an amazing humidifier and calm your senses while you are at it relaxing just the way I do. Every time it need not be the extreme measure of allopathic medicines. It could be an easy remedy too! Just think over it. 

It is a diet and a lifestyle change, which is totally worth it. I am practicing this since years. May be its time you should too?

P.S. Don’t prick those zits during chums. No, Don’t! As tempted as you may get. They’ll fade off. 

Female Hygiene

Here is a routine I follow with the list of products –

  1. Regular trimming with Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Electric Trimmer for Women. NO SHAVING.
    *Bikini wax and laser hair removal options are also worth considering.*

2. Using VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash to maintain the pH balance of 3.5.

3. Cotton sanitary (without gel) are my preference. These ones I’ve tried, tested and loved. Thin, comfortable and fragrance free. Such as –

4. Use panty liners during unexpected flow/discharge like Sofy Daily Fresh Panty Liner.

5. I do not use tampons. I find them extremely uncomfortable and also many studies have proven that tampon fibres remain in the uterus causing further complications/diseases.

6. Fresh set of cotton panties every few months.

That’s about it. Simple and effective.

I hope this article has been of some help to the women, girls and young ladies out there. Let’s get in control of our bodies first. Periods don’t have to be that bad anymore 🙂

*Images used for representative purpose, contact for credits.*