Today, I want to talk about something we all dearly love – Mangoes! Farming has been at the heart of my family since decades. Starting from our forefathers to my parents and now me, we all have a green thumb. But this time, I want to bring you on a journey with me and my mother, as we make way to bring our all natural, organic, chemical and carbide free Alphonso’s and Kesar Mangoes from @masurkaragrofarm to your door step.

Masurkar Agro Farm is the brainchild and labour of love of my parents, handed down to me. Every single plant and crop planted in our farm has been done with our own hands, amidst the beautiful valley of Mandangad, Ratnagiri. A Green Zone of the Konkan belt of Maharashtra, where no industries are allowed and only pure, pollution free air is there for the plants to breath. Our soil is red with porous laterite stones, giving the plants the exact moisture, nutrients to grow and flourish in the best of the environment Ratnagiri has to provide. 

We ourselves and our staff, regularly look after all the plants with lots of love and care by using natural pesticides and lake water. It takes years for a plant to become a tree and bare fruits. It’s a journey for the trees to bare fruits starting from a simple Mango flower. The level of care, the months invested to see that the plants are not harmed, affected by climate change and any other factors like natural calamities has brought us even closer to our produce. Our mangoes. 

We have invested ourselves at every stage of this growth, which in turn is enabling us to provide you all with high quality produce that tastes nothing less of pure happiness.

If you are from Maharashtra or have ever been to Maharashtra, Alphonso’s mangoes are the pride and glory of our region. There are plenty of reasons why Alphonso’s are famous, but the main factors remain about its magical taste, pulp and bite we get to enjoy every single time during summer.

Now, not many people know that there are many more incredible types of mangoes too. Mangoes can be found in multiple varieties, every state from North India to South India, from West India to East India differs in taste, but definitely has its own variety of this tropical fruit.

But only two types of mangoes always manage to seal the deal (for me at least!) – Alphonso’s (King of Fruits) and Kesar (Queen of Mangoes). These two are the best crop you can get during summers to enjoy to the fullest. 

Ratnagiri Mangoes are known for their beautiful sweet taste and even more fragrant experience. The environment here is built for mangoes. The BEST Mangoes indeed come from the Ratnagiri Belt of Konkan, Maharashtra.

Alphonso’s are great! Everyone, including me jumps at the chance of getting our hands on high quality crop. It is the native mango breed of Ratnagiri. But there is more to this… 
There can be no King of Fruits, without the Queen of Mangoes. So let’s talk about Ratnagiri Kesar Mangoes too.

We @masurkaragrofarm produce both Alphonso’s and Kesar Mangoes both. Not just Alphonso’s but Kesar is also a native mango breed to Ratnagiri. Equally sweet, pulpy and with a bite. 

Alphonso’s come in the beginning of summer season till mid summer and Kesar Mangoes start coming in the market from early mid summer till the end of season and partial monsoon season too. 

Alphonso’s have this beautiful round, tapered end, orangish-yellow colour and are a handful fruit in general. Kesar on the other hand is a more lean, but with all the taste, look and features of an Alphonso. They both smell and taste incredible. 

Any difference in them as a farmer? No. Taste is identical. 
Because Alphonso’s are so hyped for so many years, they tend to be more expensive of the lot. However, Kesar tends to be cheaper by Rs.50/100 or so. 

Bare in mind, Ratnagiri Kesar Mangoes are the ones we are talking about. Kesar mangoes from Gujarat are extremely different, give the difference of environment and soil. Ratnagiri Kesar Mangoes are way different from Kesar Mangoes of Gujarat.

Our Kesar Mangoes roughly weight minimum 250 grams+

Kesar Mangoes are mainly used in all the desserts you’ll come across in most of the restaurants and cafes. Alphonso’s by now are out of season, all the crops we get now will be the last crop of the season. Now Kesar is in season. 

Our journey @masurkaragrofarm comprises of my parents and me. Plants planted by them 15+ years ago and brand created by my mother @neetamasurkar15 and me @kacchikairi in April, 2019. We mother daughter duo are running this model as farmers to bring you our crop in the best way possible. All women’s team, aiding women and supporting women empowerment through selling Alphonso and Kesar Mangoes. Our team is small and tight knit, but in no way we compromise on the produce we provide at your door step. 

All Natural, Organic, Chemical and Carbide Free – Ratnagiri Alphonso and Kesar Mangoes.

Suitable for people of all ages, including children, pregnant women and infants. 
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