Today on Kacchi Kairi, we are on a slightly different tangent. I want to talk about life, all the emotions and experiences that revolve around words and actions for each and every one of us. I want this post to be a way of reaching out to you guys, to make life better even for a second if that’s what it is.


Words have such serious impact that we don’t even realise them until after we’ve said them. It is funny how we are told that we should take a moment and gather the words in our head before we say it. But that doesn’t happen on a normal day, unless you are at work or doing something that you are accountable.
But, when it comes to people whom we love and care about, living freely and being able to speak your heart out without any walls, without any pre/after thoughts is important. In that moment, in that free flowing relationship we forget how mean or heartless we get because we’ve become so mechanical and no longer take a second or just think before saying something hurtful.
Don’t get me wrong, we all have our things to deal with. But lets try today, to keep aside any anger, office politics, heated arguments, childish tiffs, tantrums and all those crazy things aside and just try to be kinder to the people who are close to us. We forget that who doesn’t need a bit more of kindness and love. They being the closest to us, would value truthful kind healing words, more than anyone else in this world. No one is perfect, but we can try to be good for once and not take our relationships for granted. Whether its with your mom, dad, friend, partner… whoever. Simply because we don’t know what time holds for us. We just take it for granted that they’ll be around, we will be around. Time is with us. But in all honesty, it may or may not be. So do a favour to your soul and theirs, be kinder, be more loving, be more GRATEFUL for having them in your life.
People come and go, but words last. They last in memories, in inner conscience, in time. So make the most of them, starting today.


Whoever said Actions speak louder than words was a legend! I don’t know how he figured it out, but he is right. In today’s world, I think we only come across a handful of people who would go above and beyond for no reason, just purity of their heart or wonderful nature. Actions of love, care and kindness always make one feel special. They are the few hidden gems that we should look after and care for. You are lucky if you know someone like that!
However, actions of insensitivity, ignorance and quite frankly not caring at all are in abundance. I do that too. We just forget in our busy lives to be kind, not just in our words but actions too. Be patient for a second. Don’t let hell lose. Take that extra step of caution for the ones we love, regardless of how they might be reacting. Everyone goes through emotions, and as much as we’d like to believe that we know the next person, even if they are as close as our parents…we don’t really.
This thing called age, growing up, responsibilities etc. make us mechanical somewhere. We lose track of time, we talk less to the people who we should really be talking to, we are lost in misunderstanding, holding grudges or whatever that might be. But, try letting it go. Just let it go. Keep your emotions at bay for once, and be the one to take a step in the right direction. Even if it’s a message, that’s an action. For instance, my father is typing a message to me on Whatsapp, while I write this post. It’s tricky when it comes to parents especially or our elders. We just don’t realise when we get soaked up in our lives that we forget to go out of our way for them, when that’s all they’ve done for us all our lives.
Just let get of those grudges, that pain, anxiety, hurt or whatever emotion that is which is stopping you from going in that direction. Because I promise you one thing, when you’ll take an action and just reconnect with your loved ones, there is never going to be a moment of regent. Perhaps, just the brilliant sensation of liberation. Liberating ourselves and doing something good. With a good intension. Regardless of what that moment may translate into, but in the long run you’ll be happy you took this decision.

So go ahead, just call or drop by to say hi! Or Facetime or Whatsapp call or whatever you want to do to your long lost friend, parents, teacher, buddy… whoever. Any gestures of kindness and forgiveness can only emit positivity and redirect the universe to amplify the goodness in our hearts and soul. Give it a go and feel it.