It’s been a minute since I’ve got back to writing for the blog. Life and work simply took over. However, now I’m going to try pushing out as many articles as often as I can because I love writing and my blog is my fun-creative outlet. It’s my medium to reach out to you all, my wonderful readers with good hearty reads. 

I was recently sliding through my insta stories (@KacchiKairi) and came across Shibani Dandekar’s stories from her shoot. I find Insta stories to be super fun as they let you into someone’s lovely private space without anyone feeling uncomfortable. In this case, I got a sneak peak into her vanity while she was getting ready for hair and makeup for achieving that stunning bohemian meets edgy look with a top knot bun and heavy kholed eyes/Egyptian eye look. 

Shibani’s sense of style may not always be on my hit list, but this girl knows her skincare and makeup very well. Given that shes an anchor, actor and lot many things, she’s constantly in front of the camera and that can be scary for anyone because camera catches it all. She’s in her late 30’s I’d say? But her skin is phenomenal. Her work out videos with Monica Dogra and Chef Kelvin are super fun! But if she’s using some incredible products to look that fab in her late 30’s…I definitely want the scoop. 

I personally really enjoy exploring celebrity skincare and makeup secrets because they tend to be far away from the products they endorse for namesake. Their personal collection always tends to have tried and tested products, highly recommended and personally tailored-to by dermatologists and make up artists.

So here is me exploring Shibani’s vanity the instagram story style –

Garnier Micellar Water 

This is a staple! I mean who can go wrong with this? Micellar water works magic on gentally removing makeup from your skin. And Garnier is the best budget-friendly micellar water you can get in the market. Good quantity and does the job. Also makes removing heavy-duty eye makeup (Especially those crazy glued mascaras) with ease. It’s a hit for me! 

Embryolisse Cream

I can go on and on about this moisturiser! French skincare is phenomenal and this particular cream should be bought in bulk if you are in France or wherever in Europe Pharmacy. Embryolisse is a cold cream of sorts that works wonders on every skin type, including sensitive skin type and more. I don’t want to get into its details as you can easily find its contents of it online, however, this cream works best not just as a moisturiser but also phenomenally well as a skin primer too! Works really well for having that fabulous base for your make up. You can definitely get your hands on it on Nykaa or Sephora in India. A super hit for me! 

Topshop is a glorified high-street giant when it comes to clothing and fashion in general. Hands down, its one of my favourite brands from the UK. However, not many people indulge and explore their make up products! And Oh boy! They are incredible! Again Made in France products, their quality is of superior quality at great affordable prices. Shibani using Topshop Glow Highlighter made me realise that she is a true beauty junkie too! It’s only those people (like me) who’ve explored and studied the world of skincare and makeup over long periods know which product to look out for, what work and what’s worth your money. And this is one of them. A product with high “SHEEN”and consistency to give you that glowing goddess look. Kindly pay attention to my word used here – “SHEEN”not “SPARKLE”. This product gives you that effortless pearly glow and does not have glitter all over your face in the name of highlighter. Very stunning. Long lasting product. Again a super hit for me! 

NARS Laguna bronzer

This is a makeup staple for all the makeup lovers out there, who’ve got money to spend on expensive high quality makeup. Nars is a make up giant! Their Laguna bronzer and Orgasm Blush are in every makeup artist/guru/lovers top 10 products of all times. A stunning bronzer with the perfect balance of not too ashy and not too brown. Its perfect. Very buttery and little goes a long way. This product will easily last you a long long time. Let me assure you that. A super hit for me!

NARS Orgasm Blush

Nars Orgasm Blush is the perfect coral-peach blush with hints of sunshine golden reflex in it. This is perhaps the only blush that suits all skin tones. Refreshing and perfect for any special event or even on daily basis. Very feminine, simple and that perfect flush of colour like you are blushing in love. Its beautiful and buttery. Will last you for a long time and you barely need any product to get that amazing flush on your cheeks. Again a super hit for me!

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter – Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby – soft champagne sheen / supercharged peachy champagne shimmer

This is Rihanna! I’m in love with the Fenty Beauty line. It is smashing all the beauty brands out of the park! Stunning highlighter combo. Sheen and Shimmer blocks to rise the glam quotient whenever you want. This colour in particular is extremely complimentary to Indian skin tone. You get that extra wet look which highlighters are meant to give. A buttery smooth product, that’ll last you a long time. Give you that perfect highlight for a date-night to a perfect highlight for a wedding. A pearly finish. I love it! A super hit for me!

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Mocha

A cream based bronzer that works wonders to give you that chiselled cheekbones and that flawless jawline. Fenty again is selling out when it comes to their bronzers because I don’t know what but not just their formulation but also the colour concept and how incredibly spot on they are with their colour range astounds me. Mocha so far is the best colour suited for Indian skin like Shibani’s. It is an easy to cary and use product. Beauty sticks are always a favourite, they make life easier. Just mark your face and blend well. Blend. Blend. Blend. A definite must try for all the brides to be or people who are looking to make a new makeup collection for themselves. A super hit for me again!

Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 123 = Y365 – Desert

High Definition Foundations are every celebrity’s holy grail and even every makeup lover’s (don’t want to give them so much importance). In order for no flash back and not to have that cake face, a good HD foundation is a must. Makeup Forever has been ruling this market for a very long time and one can never go wrong with their HD Foundation. Its true! Try it for yourself to see. This colour – Desert is the perfect shade for that medium-fair Indian skin tone with the right mix of yellow and olive tone. No wonder Shibani’s skin looks like a dream on camera. This is her secret. I can also see that she’s mixing two foundations to get her correct shade/finish. I can exactly point out which is the other one. But Makeup Forver HD Foundation for that skin-like dewy finish is a super hit for me!

Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette 

This is the most romantic, first of its kind palette. A beautiful mix of peaches, browns, pinks and all warm shades you can think of. The palette drifts from warm browns to stunning hot pink! You can create multiple looks with it. Any season and every season this palette is a holy grail palette. A perfect addition to anyone’s collection and by looking at the colours itself you can think of so many looks and vibes you can go for. Sultry smoky eyes to defined cut crease. Shimmers to mattes. You’ve got everything. I love it and it is a super hit for me too!

In short she has got the collection that I’d want for myself! These products have been working their magic for years and if you are someone who has the same skin tone as Shibani Dandekar, then may be you should consider trying these products. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products before and how has it been. 

I as a skincare junkie and a makeup lover approve of Shibani’s vanity and how! SUPER HIT!

P.S. Her sister, Anusha Dandekar has quite the regimen too! Click here to know more.

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