Shopping is fun and therapeutic. Especially when its fashion! I’ve been spoiling myself lately with loads of online shopping and making most of the sale season too. 

I like to update my wardrobe and change looks with seasons, bring out some old and get in some new clothes. It’s a process I do involuntarily. Also, when you have exciting things happening in life and everyone at workplace looks so cool… You want to up your game too. 

Please, its true! – What looks good, sells good! No matter which profession or career of choice. And this is exactly what brought me to shopping online at

One of my colleagues Ketki, was wearing this lovely mustard maxi with a striped shrug and a cotton blue colour A-line dress with an ethnic shrug on two different occasions. I couldn’t help but compliment on her sense of style. She looked so effortless and chic. I personally love that sense of style. I really enjoy fashion, which you can just throw on and look like you’ve put in an effort to look this fabulous. Not cheap/fast fashion, but classy choices. 

The fabric too felt good quality and the fitting too was nice. I immediately asked her, where is she shopping from? I need to go there and get some pieces for myself. That’s when she told me, its I could not believe. I swear. I just couldn’t. The last time I shopped from Myntra was in 2013… haha. Clearly I’m lagging behind with the online shopping game since coming back from London. 

I asked her to share the links of her pieces through whatsapp and I’ve been hooked ever since. Let’s break it down for you lot to get some fabulosity in your life without taking the pain to go to a store and waste hours trying to find the right garment for yourself – 

  • Type of Fashion: Ethnic Collection of Dresses, Kurta Sets and Suits. 
  • Size: Small/Medium
  • Brands: Indie 
  • Fabric: Cotton (for maximum pieces)
  • Fitting: Relaxed + Breathable 
  • Highest value of a garment: Rs.1545/- only
  • Maintenance: All are easy to wash/machine dry. No dry cleaning pieces I believe.
  • Packaging: Well packaged in rainproof plastic Myntra packaging
  • Shipping cost: Zero
  • Shipping time: Varies from 1 day to more than a week (depending on the city   dispatching the courier)
Disclaimer: Never shopped from any of these brands before. Don’t know their sizing/fitting. Spent my own coin. 

I am not a Indian garment purchaser on general basis. You can see that from my last Koovs haul. I wear Indie-ethnic clothing occasionally. But given the Mumbai weather and the nature of my profession, I need to have smart breathable pieces easy to style and get on with the day. So these are my choices

SASSAFRAS – Women Off-White & Blue Printed A-Line Dress in Size S 

Amount: Rs. 670.95

This one is for the more relaxed and beautiful dresses I wanted to be able to switch from work mode to casual mode in a heartbeat. Just throw on a blazer and a belt on this dress, you are ready for work. 
Meeting friends and colleagues for post work drinks? Get rid of the extras and shine through with the dress. Beautiful colour, flattering print, cotton fabric and fits like a glove. I love it.

Anouk – Women Blue Printed Kurta With Trousers in Size M

Amount: Rs.786.45

I bought this piece for work specifically. I wanted this smart ethnic pant-suit like kurta set and this was the one. Elongating cuts and fitting. The fabric is thin and comfortable. The fit is good, but be careful if you are a curvy girl cause the pants might just be a problem. Otherwise, a very simple yet chic piece. 
I wouldn’t dress this up to be honest, just let the piece shine through. Perhaps pair with some pearl earrings? That’s about it. Love it. 

Libas – Women White & Pink Printed Kurta with Sharara in Size M

Amount: Rs. 868.35

I just loved the print so much and the sharara pants of this set that I just had to buy it. This was in fact the first piece that arrived at my address less than 24hrs of the order :O I was so impressed! 

Very relaxed, simple set perfect for work or a causal day. It’s so comfy, I don’t know what to say. I wore it on my firstshravan somwar (fasting… yeah) to work and I loved it. There isn’t much you need to do with this outfit anyway. The fitting is immaculate. I couldn’t believe a brand like Libas is getting fitting so right. Even our tailor-made clothes aren’t this well fitted without spending a fortune. But for this cost, I’d say it’s a steal.

GERUA – Women Red Solid Maxi Dress with Printed Layer in Size S

Amount: Rs 989.09

This piece is similar to my colleagues mustard dress that I was talking about earlier. This is the perfect ultra-chic piece you want on a casual day out. Very flattering. Just works for all shapes and sizes. Especially curvy girls like me? This is for you. This is not a pure cotton dress, has lycra and synthetic fibres in it. But, figure hugging and comfortable to move around in… I love it. Love the colour especially, itself my one of my favourites. The shrug just makes it even cooler. Super fun!

Bhama Couture – Women Blue Yoke Design Kurta with Palazzos in Size M

Amount: Rs.1,003.80

This one is again strictly for work. One can never go wrong with an all dark blue outfit. There isn’t much to say about this one apart from super comfortable, relaxed and simple fit. You can go on with your day’s work looking stunning from morning to night. 

I wouldn’t style this up with anything excessive apart from some dainty earrings or may be not even that. Just lovely retro eyeliner look. 
P.S. This set makes you look slim too! Love it.

AKS – Women Red & White Yoke Design Kurta with Palazzos & Dupatta in Size M

Amount: Rs.1544.48

This is my festive-work wear. You know we always are in a look out to wear something festive to work which isn’t over the top and yet subtle, comfortable that we can get by the day. This is that piece for me. I love the colour. Vibrant and fun. I would style it with black heels and some stud earings. Keeping it simple with the fit and cotton fabric. All in all, I love it.

[su_note] Each of these pieces are very fitting for work place and/or a day out. Easy, breezy, flattering and stand out garments. This is my style, may be you’d like them too. If Yes, check them out. Look good for yourself. Feel good for yourself. No one is more important. [/su_note]

Now, lingerie. 

Lingerie shopping has always been the most tedious yet exciting bit of shopping on my list. Who doesn’t want sexy inner wear? But the point is, after a point you just need lingerie that fits your boobs right. No hanky panky. Holds them in place and gives you a lift that you want. 

I don’t usually buy lingerie for daily wear apart from Jokey, M&S and La Senza. However, this time I said lets venture into Myntra for the sake of it and see what we get. 

  • Type: Lingerie set – Bra & Pantie
  • Fit: Non-padded
  • Price: < Rs.400
  • Maintenance: All are easy to wash/machine dry/hand wash
  • Packaging: Well packaged in rainproof plastic Myntra packaging
  • Shipping cost: Zero
  • Shipping time: Varies to a week or more

These were my choices for something fun yet an everyday wear –

Amount: Rs.397.95 each

Lady Love – Black & Beige Animal Print Lingerie Set

Amount: Rs.392.70

Soie – Grey Melange Lingerie Set SET

Amount: Rs. 368.55

They all are comfortable, good quality lingerie sets. I have no complaints. Check them out if this is the full coverage style you prefer. I’ve gone for all full coverage ones this time, perhaps I might be adventurous and explore more on the next occasion. Depends on what Myntra has to offer. 

I also threw in a pair of frames because I need to get my glasses made. So here are the details – 

Unisex Red Solid Full Rim Oval Frames 
Size: M
Amount: Rs.356.16 

Review: All in all it has been a good experience of shopping from Myntra. I got lucky cause I chose brands that colleague recommended and I knew the material and fabric is going to be good. I can only tell you’ll about the brands I’ve tried and I’ve listed them above for your reference.

The costing has been decent, not too cheap or too expensive. Spent over Rs.8,000 +

I’m happy with my purchases and so is my pocket. Ethnic clothing is a style I would like to explore more now and I think, so should you. 

Scores: 4/5

*Images used for representative purpose, contact for credits.*