I know, we’ve pretty much talked about everything related to मराठी फॅशन (Marathi Fashion) from clothes to jewellery and much more.  What else could there be?

Well, there sure is. You can call them the signature “महाराष्ट्रीयन (Maharashtrian)” elements that make any woman look like a vision,

  • वेणी (Veni) / गजरा (Gajra) are fresh flower garlands worn not just as hair accessories by Marathi women, but also have been the age-old tradition or secret behind smelling beautiful with natural perfume/fragrance of the flowers. Ah! They are delicately woven by hand particularly with flowers such as –

मोगरा, जाई जुई आणि आंबोलीचे गाजरे / Mogra, Jai Jui (Jasmin) and Aaboli (Crossandra – firecracker flower) Gajra.

शेवंतीची वेणी / Shevanti (Chrysanthemum) Veni

चाफाचा फूल / Chapha (Plumeria) Flower

लाल गुलाब / Laal Gulab (Red Rose)

  • चंद्रकोर टिकली / Chandrakor Tikli (Bindi) is that typical Maharashtrian accessory that has been passed on for generations together. There is a meaningful story and a concept behind चंद्रकोर (Chandrakor) and महाराष्ट्रीयन संस्कृती (Maharashtrian traditions), which goes like “…since his (Shivaji Maharaj ) childhood days Jijamata had instilled the dream of Swarajya in front of Shivaji Maharaj. Shahaji raje had given Maharaj the Rajmudra that says, “The glory of this mudra of Shahaji’s son Shivaji will grow like the first day moon. It will be worshipped by the universe & will shine and will be only for the welfare of the people”.

    The candrakor referred to is pratipadas moon ie first day moon. As the moon attains its 3D full moon day shape same shall the Swarajya. It will rise from the ashes (here it means self made kingdom starting from zero) and will attain its destiny & shine in a similar way the moon attains its final shape.

    In order to keep the target in hindsight and make him realise that the mission of attaining Swarajya is still there to be completed Maharaj used this simple concept of “Out of sight is out of mind” & replaced that with Insight is always in mind. So Maharaj and many of their Wives used to apply this Chandrakor on their foreheads which marked the beginning of the destination and the Maratha Mavlas used to apply a Tilak in a circular form representing the destiny.” Hence it is undeniably the universal symbol of मराठी संस्कृती (Marathi Culture).

चंद्रकोर / Chandrakor

टिळक / Tilak

  • काचेच्या ह्र्व्हिया बांगड्या / Green Glass Bangles are commonly worn by married Maharashtrian women. This colour of bangle is peculiar to the Maharashtrian culture, more than the many cultures of India. It symbolises the beginning of a new life chapter and sometimes, it is also worn in homage to their कुलदेवी (Kuldevi) for a blessed married life.

काचेच्या ह्र्व्हिया बांगड्या / Green Glass Bangles

Thats it. We’ve now touched upon everything there is on traditional Marathi/Maharashtrian fashion. Its glorious history, culture, glamor, in particular it’s special and easily achievable styles. I hope I’ve been able to provide you’ll with a quick glance through this glorious culture. Here is a small picture series of few images that talk more than words about महाराष्ट्रीयन / मराठी फॅशन –

*Images used for representative purpose, contact for credits.*