Right off the bat I have to say that being a Maratha myself, I love to watch period films which are based on Maratha History. It is such a treat to watch! The grand sets, elaborate costumes, beautiful story telling and melodious songs are the exact recipe of  Ashutosh Gowariker’s films. The case in point being – Panipat, a story based on ‘Third Battle of Panipat’.

Before I go ahead, this post is not sponsored. As an avid fashion lover and promoter of Marathi fashion, culture and all things “Marathi” in addition to what Kacchi Kairi is all about. I had to cater to my readers who are always on a look out to know the latest and coolest Marathi trends out there.

First Impressions – Panipat, Movie Trailer

 Ashutosh Gowariker is one of my favourite film makers. I have seen and loved his movies for a very long. Jodha Akbar being one of the biggest hits and an evergreen cinematic experience. These epic battles, period films and larger than life movies seem to be his genre for a very long time. Even before Sanjay Leela Bhansali started to make films like Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat. Even before the recent Manikarnika, was a fantastic homage to the Maratha Culture by Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi.

Lets face it, the resemblance of Panipat with the block buster Bajirao Mastani and Manikarnika can not get out fo your head as a first impression. But, once you see the tailer it gets better.

I like the fresh star cast. I am enjoying Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Padmini Kolhapure, Mohnish Bahl screenplay from what I got to see in the trailer. I am even surprised to see how they’ve roped in Padmini Kolhapure for the movie, but I like it.

Panipat feels like a fresh wind with a unique star cast and the perfect blend of actors and director’s team under the flagship of  Ashutosh Gowariker. One thing is for sure, you are in for a experience of lifetime and quite frankly, a tough takkar with the fantastic story line and visual experience.

I feel we should give them a chance, to give us a Maratha History blockbuster which will be refreshing break from seeing Deepika Padukone and Raveer Singh all around us from big films to tv ads and newspaper. I mean, I am tried of seeing their faces! Aren’t you?

Kriti and Arjun look lovely together. I am enjoying the dainty-delicate Kriti as Parvati Bai against a macho Arjun as Sadashiv Rao Bhau, the Commander-in-Chief of the Maratha army. They make a beautiful couple onscreen but their chemistry is yet to be seen.

Panipat is based on an historical battle (bloody one to that I might add), as opposed to Bajirao Mastani being a romantic film with bits and pieces including historic battles. The narration is completely different but fantastic to watch! It isn’t an exact depiction of the battle, but an adapted story of Panipat.

The last ground breaking performance I remember Sanjay Dutt for was in Agneepath. I think after that film, this would be another character caricature for him which is going to astound the audience in a good way.

It’s an absolute pleasure to see Padmini Kolhapure make a come back. Even if it isn’t for a supporting role. I love it! She’s the perfect hint of Marathi to the film. Her fan following is incredible. No kidding! She is a yesteryear Super Star.

More than anything else, me being a Marathi culture and fashion promoter, I am loving the costumes and looks in this movie. The jewellery more than anything else is spot on! The Kolhapur touch is quite evident through out the trailer.

Upon watching the trailer, I went to see the credits for Costume Design and it’s none other than Neeta Lulla. The master mind behind Jodha Akbar and Manikarnika costumes is the one working behind Panipat too! Great work Neeta! I will be discussing further on each of their looks as and when more details come out. But, well done Ashutosh on roping in Neeta for Panipat. She is the ideal choice for such a film.

Verdit: Looking forward to watching the movie for Ashutosh, Padmini, the visual experience and not to mention the Royal Marathi/Maratha Fashion!

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Inspired by महाराष्ट्रीयन परंपरा I’m sharing my recreated look of a simpler Maratha Mulgi –

Raw, unedited picture btw. Looking back at this, I should have stopped plucking my eyebrows sooner :p

I’m wearing a नऊवारी (nauvari saree) with matching blouse and accessorised with a चंद्रकोर टिकली (chandrakor tikli), मोगऱ्याचा गजरा (mogra gajara), कुड्या (kudzu earrings), नथनी (nath/nathni), ठुशी (thushi), ढोलकी हार (dholki haar), पुतळी हार (putali haar), पिपिचोडी बांगड्या (pichodi bangels) and पैंजण (painjan).

*Images used for representative purpose, contact for credits.*